Steve Martin's "Pink Panther" movie

Oh my god.

They just announced on “Entertainment Tonight” that they’ve signed Beyonce for this.

Is nothing sacred?

Many things are sacred.

The Pink Panther movies are not among them. Blake Edwards himself has proven that time and time again.

Good point, Miller.

One question, thought: Would this be the fourth “Pink Panther” film without Peter Sellers, or am I missing one?

Does Steve Martin have a vendetta against society for some reason?

Well, since he’s in Hollywood, I’d say it was either than or a good coke habit.

this was rumored for weeks, i guess it’s confirmed now. Gee, too bad she might be too busy doing this to star as Lois Lane

How many more pieces of shit does Steve have to make before he Chevys himself out of work permanently?

I read on AICN that Jackie Chan was slated to play Kato but Martin had the character cut because he didn’t want to be upstaged.

If true, that kills any desire I would have to see this movie. What’s the Pink Panther without Kato?

I was feeling cranky before I opened this, now it’s worse.

Like Beyonce Knowles didn’t prove bland enough as an actress in the third Austin Powers film. Haven’t seen The Fighting Temptations (and don’t plan to), but I heard nothing good about it or her in it. I’m worried they’ll let her sing pointless lyrics on some kind of updated remix of Henry Mancini’s classic theme song as well. Got to have a “hot single” for the soundtrack album, y’know.

I am a fan of most of the Pink Panther films though, this gets more and more disappointing the more I hear about it. I guess Edwards saw how much money Jerry Lewis probably raked in from the Eddie Murphy versions of The Nutty Professor, and decided to give it a go.

Looking past the whole “Martin being too old for a Pink Panther origin film” thing, if the proposed title means anything, shouldn’t Kato be in an origin film anyway? Don’t know if I’d want to believe AICN this early on, but since Kato was usually featured mostly in the first third of the films anyway, why would Martin be worried about being upstaged anyway?

I haven’t been a fan of Martin’s for many years, but considering most of his history with remakes (I guess Roxanne would be an exception, like I said I’m not a fan of his) I see little to be enthused about. And Ivan Reitman has mostly be involved in making crap (especially as a director) for the past ten years.

Not coke (to my knowledge), but a very expensive 20th-C.-art habit. Nothing like art collecting to keep the pressure on bringing home the Bacon, even if that means you have to Fischl for projects you would normally disdain. God forbid your popularity declines – you might find yourself in Hockney to your creditors. So, you have to keep Hopper-ing…


Dragged up this thread as opposed to making a new one just to say that I was present for a BBC interview with Martin, Kevin Kline and Beyoncé.

Now I’ve always liked Martins movies but in real life he seemed to just suck and has asked us all that we shouldn’t compare him to Sellers original character 'cos he’s doing something “new” with it.

What? How can we not compare?

Keven Kline was pretty funny and honest too.

Beyoncé speant most of the time speaking about her music( but in fair it was in relation to the questions being put to her).

This is looking like a major suck IMHO.

I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide yesterday and the theater ran a preview of Steve Martin’s Pink Panther. While he’s no Peter Sellers, he does an admirable job. I think this will be an acceptable imitation.

This might have worked 20 years ago, but now…

Perhaps I can shine a different light on this.
FACT: They were going to do the new “Pink Panther” movie anyway.
FACT: They could have done it with Mathew Lillard as the good inspector.
FACT: They could have done it with a cast of WB teen stars and highlighted Clouseu’s teenage years.
FACT: They could just have done another one with Reberto Beninni.

FACT: They got Steve Martin and Kevin Kline, two very funny men.
FACT: Steve Martin helped develop the script, meaning he gave a damn.
FACT: A new “Pink Panther” movie with Steve Martin is a better alternative than a “Pink Panther” movie without Steve Martin.

In the end, while I do not believe that the movie will be able to hold a candle to the Peter Sellers originals, the fact that they thought enough to get Steve Martin and Kevin Kline shows that they gave it some thought. Really now, who else could have done Clouseu as well as Martin? (Besides Sellers.)
As for Beyonce, while I admit her acting chops are limited, it could have been worse. They could have gotten Courtney Love. At the very least we’ll have someone nice to look at.

Steve Martin? Funny? Do Cheaper by the Dozen or Bringing Down the House ring any bells?

IMDb says he got $17.5 million for this Pink Panther movie and that’ll probably buy some nice frames. Although with the books and adaptations of books, and I see a Cheaper by the Dozen sequel in the works, can he really need that much money?

Yes, pick crap movies, that proves the good ones aren’t funny. :rolleyes:

When was the last time Steve did a good movie? L. A. Story is the last one I recall. Certainly not the two “Father of the Bride” movies.

Gad, this sounds awful. I can’t imagine any remake topping the chemistry of the first two Panthers. Martin’s too old, there’s no Kato character, and Kevin Kline (who’s always irritated me for some reason) is a poor substitute for Herbert Lom.

And you know what’s really sad? If this remake did feature a Kato, there’s a younger generation out there that would probably think he was inspired by Kato Kaelin…

Bowfinger was funny. I do think he’s funny, but most of his movies are beneath him. His writing is better.