Marvel Avengers Alliance is shutting down

Disney announced on 9/1 that the game would shut down on 9/30, right after they introduced a new Spec Op. Until D-Day, they’ve made all the rewards plenty and bountiful and all the gold buys for things like fast training have been discounted to 20-25% original cost. I finished the Spec Op and recruited Adam Warlock in one day because I bought my way through all the tasks at 5g a pop. This is however, decreasing my interest in the game since it no longer presents any challenge, so I guess that’s a good way of weaning me off it.

No word on why they’re shutting down. I thought it might have something to do with Flash being phased out, but their mobile version, MAA2, is shutting down as well. It was one of FB’s most popular games. They shut down their forum a month ago because it got hacked, so maybe they don’t want to be liable for any lawsuits that might ensue.

I’ve bought gold a few times, but only $20 worth every couple of months when it was on sale. Other players had easily sunk thousands of bucks to make their PvP teams unbeatable. I’ve managed to stay in Adam league for the past couple of years and always felt pride in being able to keep up with the big spenders.

I’m sorry to see MAA go. They’ve always managed to pump in fresh content to keep the game from going stale, and I didn’t have to upgrade to a super gaming computer to play it. I’m better at turn-based strategy that rapid shoot-em-ups, and there’s not that many other games that suit my style.