Marvel fans...break down Guardians of the Galaxy for me

OK, but what’s the premise of the comic? I’m a big comic book fan (as you can infer from the name) but like XT, I’ve never read Guardians of the Galaxy. I know some of the characters (such as Gamora) from other series, but what’s the overall concept of the book?

Here’s how it goes:

In the 40’s, DC made the Justice League/Society. This was so successful, they made a spin-off (with Superboy as the connecting member) called the Legion of Superheroes. This was so successful, Marvel copied them in the 60’s with the X-Men. Many of the members of the Legion have X-Men counterparts:
Cosmic Lad: Magneto
Polar Boy: Iceman
Saturn Girl: Jean Grey

In the late 60’s, suddenly Marvel corned the market on superteams with the Fantastic 4, the Avengers, and many others that outsold DC’s. Not to be outdone, DC then revamped their superteams into the super-superteam of the Justice League of America and added many more members to the Legion. In 1978 or so, the famous X-Men revamp arrived, copying many of the members of the new Legion:
Timber Wolf: Wolverine
Sunboy: Sunfire

So Marvel said, alright muthafuckas, this is war, and the Guardians of the Galaxy was created as a 1-1 copy of the Justice League. The blue guy with the mohawk is just Superman painted blue.

Interesting side note: The New Mutants copied Doom Patrol.

So, is this the first movie in a new Marvel series that will tie into the Avengers with new characters? I had heard that Marvel has plotted things out to some absurd timeline into the 2020’s…is this part of the plan? To me, watching the trailer, it seems this is going to be a silly comedy/sci-fi movie…and it’s hard to see how that feel fits in with the Avengers, who I consider more, I don’t know, serious I guess (the latest Capt. America was pretty serious).

I just saw Thor drive a spaceship in Dark World last night.

If you saw the second Thor movie, Benicio Del Toro had a small cameo in a scene during the credits. It was the character he will be playing in GotG.

If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, Marvel Studios is going to do a very clever thing, and make movies within the same universe, BUT not make all of them be straight up superhero movies, per se. Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it’s going to be a looser comedy/action piece. If Black Widow gets here own movie, it will probably be closer to a Jason Bourne movie than anything else.

So while it will tie in to the Avengers and be consistent in terms of canon, it doesn’t have to be stylistically consistent.

So, also, never having read the GotG comics, when I saw the trailer before the new Cap movie I kept thinking “what a bust that movie is going to be!” It looked stupid, and a raccoon? (Or whatever…) Really? Just my opinion of course.

Maybe I’m just confused, but it sounds like you’re talking about the Shi’ar Imperial Guard (which is a Legion of Superheroes clone featuring a blue guy with a mohawk) or the Squadron Supreme (which is a Justice League clone).

Fingers crossed.

Yeah, that entire post is baffling to me, and appears to have to have nothing to do with the subject at hand. The Legion already had over a dozen members by the time of the X-Men. Polar Boy originated as a joke character, an excuse for the creation of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and resembles Iceman, who first appeared only a few months later, only vaguely. Jean Grey began as only a telekinetic, whereas Saturn Girl is only a telepath. And while I have seen speculation that the X-Men were created in imitation of the Doom Patrol, the timing involved would make this unlikely. The NEw Mutants are nothing at all like the Doom Patrol in even an abstract way. They’re more like the Teen Titans to the X-Men’s JLA.

The Justice League of America pre-exists the Fantastic Four; the FF were created because Martin Goodman hoped to repeat the JLA’s success.

All-New All-Different X-Men artist Dave Cockrum had recently been fired from the LSH, and it is widely presumed that his Storm and Nightcrawler were new characters intended for that team. Wolverine and Sunfire were pre-existing characters (Sunfire had fought the X-Men almost a decade before). I guess it’s possible that Cockrum wanted to use Wolverine because of his resemblance to Lone Wolf/Timber Wolf. The Shi’ar Imperial Guard is a straight copy of the LSH (with blue-skinned, mohawked Gladiator as the ersatz Superboy), perhaps created so that Cockrum could settle some scores with his ex-employers.

None of this has anything to do with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Guardians began as a sort of Marvelized Legion, seeing as how they were from the 31st Century, but the version of the team that’s going to appear in the movie is only tentatively related to the original. This one was created only a few years ago, spinning out of the Annihilation comic event, and combining various “cosmic” characters into one book. I don’t know much about it beyond that. They’re like the Avengers in Space.

Every so often, Marvel spins something off, to see if it has appeal.

This was how we got the “Illuminati” comics, where a team of the heaviest hitters went to the Skrull world to kick butt. It’s where we got an “Inhumans” subplot that kinda petered out. The whole Thanos thing was an experiment of sorts.

The Marvel continuity was set up with a bunch of loose ends. So some clever jasper decided to sweep 'em up and put ‘em in the pot. Kind of an Irish Stew of obscure heroes. Rocket Raccoon had his own limited series, and, since then, kept bouncing around. Nothin’ wrong with a li’l raccoon in the stew…

As a tie-in, Iron Man dropped in for a while. Then there was an X-Men meet-up.

It really harks back to old-fashioned round-the-campfire story telling. They throw some ideas at us, and see which ones we like.

It could be worse… Remember “Marvel Zombies?” Or the “Ultimate” universe?

Whereas I have the exact opposite thing. I think it’ll be a big success in the ‘hilarious space opera’ genre. I watch the trailer just to giggle. And I’ve taught my girls the words to ‘Hooked on a Feeling’.

That said, Marvel has a LOT of goodwill right now. Some of the movies have been silly, but there hasn’t been a loser in the batch so far.

Is that a whoosh? “Remember” the Ultimate universe? It’s still around and they incorporated quite a bit of it into the MCU.

As somebody on this board noted:

DC: “We still can’t figure out how to do a Wonder Woman movie.”

Marvel: “Raccoon with a machine gun. Have fun.”

I enjoyed Marvel Zombies.

Not “remember” as in the 70’s and disco, but “remember” as in things we wish we could just forget about.

I was big into Marvel as a kid, but somehow completely missed GotG. I assume it is Yondu who is referred to, but he doesn’t appear as much in the press material as the other characters? I don’t know how much he resembles Superman.

A Marvel ripoff is better than a DC superhero original.

ETA: the middle Shi’ar guy looks like [Ruby Rhod](

Now we just need a middle ground, between companies who won’t give Wonder Woman a movie because they’re too busy making Batman and Superman movies, and companies who won’t give Wonder Woman a movie because they’re too busy making a movie about a damn raccoon.

How important of a character is Drax the Destroyer, who Dave Batista is playing in the movie? Because Batista really annoys me both as a wrestler and as a human being in general, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to enjoy the movie if his character is going to be getting a lot of screen time.

Me too. I get a bit of a ‘Fifth Element’ vibe from the trailers.