Marvel fans...break down Guardians of the Galaxy for me

How important of a character is Drax the Destroyer, who Dave Batista is playing in the movie? Because Batista really annoys me both as a wrestler and as a human being in general, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to enjoy the movie if his character is going to be getting a lot of screen time.

Me too. I get a bit of a ‘Fifth Element’ vibe from the trailers.

I don’t think there’s a true word in that whole statement. :smiley:

Yep… that post is weird.

The original Guardians had a far more badass concept–the last survivors of Earth’s colonies in the solar system (each genetically altered to survive on their different planets/moons) brought together by an American astronaut Buck Rogered into the 31st century and fighting the evil reptilian empire that destroyed Earth.

Anyway-- the core concept of the movie Guardians is that they are cosmic outcasts brought together for a purpose.

Who’s “we?” I thought the Ultimates was better than the 616 universe by a long shot and I wish they hadn’t fucked it up by killing off Ultimate Peter Parker.

As a concept, that doesn’t sound bad. But the trailer made it seem almost like a parody (was the lineup scene supposed to invoke The Usual Suspects?)

They can’t all be dark and gritty.

I don’t know anything about the funnybooks business, but isn’t the “Ultimate” series the basis for a lot of the MCU films?

Thank God. The whole ‘dark and gritty’ about superpowered people in tights is ludicrous on its face.

It can’t be the Usual Suspects. I mean, Benicio del Toro isn’t in it!

At least Ultimate Nick Fury, who is played by the guy who he is based on.

Allow me to quote FilmDrunk:

So what’s the backstory on the dude? He appears to be a 21st-century Earth-normal human. How does he end up on galaxy-spanning adventures?

Peter Jason Quill - called ‘Starlord’ - is half human. His mother was in love with some alien named (no kidding) J’Sonn and has a baby with him. That’s how Starlord was born.

The 80s-era walkman has significance to Quill because that and the cassette are his only memories of his mother. Which is why it’s playing ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ and will doubtless supply an awesome 70s soundtrack to the movie.

How much of this holds up in the MCU is up for grabs. The bio I gave above is already a retcon of his earlier origin.

Okay, never even heard of them until the movie. In fact I thought it was a movie about the Imperial Guard until I read a thread about the movie in this same board.

For what I’ve been able to put together, in the seventies Marvel published more than Superhero comics: there were westerns, romance, horror and sci-fi features. One of their sci-fi heroes was, Starlord, a forgotten Englerhart character up until recently, about a teenager that discovers he’s half-alien and decides to become some sort of space ranger. Never even heard of him. Apparently the only noteworthy feature is that Englehart made him “evolve” from a jerk to a nicer guy during the series.

Another 70’s reject is Rocket Racoon, a Mantlo - Giffen created antropomorphic alien racoon.

The superhero mania took over, and most science fiction characters got relegated to the sidelines of the Marvel Universe, appearing in Silver Surfer comics or F4 issues or similar every once in a while.

There was also a team of sci-fi alien superheroes created in 69 by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan, reeeeeally similar to the Legion of Superheroes, in the sense that they were superpowered beings from different planets coming from the future (the 31st century in this case) The original Guardians of the Galaxy gives its name to the group from the movie, but it’s not particularly related. Or, I guess that the modern GOTG are the founders of the 31st century GOTG. I don’t really know.

Well, now we reach 2008, when Abnett and Lanning went and launched a series with this name, using old sci-fi characters, like the aforementioned Starlord. It was cancelled two years later.

Now, here we have Marvel trying very hard to make a movie of something that wasn’t tied to other studios, like the FF or the X-Men. A bit of scrapping the barrel was in order, I guess. Which means that, finally, the Squirrel Girl movie is not that far from being greenlighted. Ah, a geek can dream…

Because of this thread, I’m going to wear my Rocket Raccoon t-shirt out to breakfast this morning, just to see what comments I get.

The current Guardians could lead to a future version in the 31st century, but the original Future Guardians are from a different universe - officially designated as Earth-691, it featured, among other things, complete environmental collapse in the '80s, Mutants fleeing Earth, and Martian conquest of Earth in the 21st century. Killraven is another major character from that universe (he fought the Martians).

There’s also the Guardians of the Galaxy of Earth-669116 (a combination of 691 and 616, the designation of the mainstream universe), a version of the 691 Guardians who the modern Guardians met in an issue of their title.

Marvel can’t make a Wonder Woman movie for the more relevant reason that it’s not their property.

In the comics, the Guardians frequently time traveled in order to team up with present day heroes and groups. Or, present day heroes would TT to the Guardians’ alternate future. It doesn’t look like the movie is going to have any time traveling, but you never know. So for now, I’d guess the main connection to the Avengers is via Thanos, a cosmic-level bad guy who continually threatens all life in the universe, in any time period he gets to. Usually his evil plans involve collecting powerful cosmic artifacts like “Infinity Gems” or “Cosmic Cubes” and things. We’ve seen some of those artifacts already in various movies.

Theoretically, Thor could interact with the Guardians in the future, since he’s nearly immortal and someone already mentioned Odin possesses an artifact that Thanos will want to get his hands on.

They could make a “Valkyrie” movie without much loss of generality.

Speaking of Valkyrie, I wonder if anyone’s thinking about a Defenders movie. We’ve got Hulk and Dr. Strange is coming up. Valkyrie has connections with Asgard. Silver Surfer is out, but they could come up with plenty of other heroes. The first time I saw the Guardians of the Galaxy was in a Defenders story.