Marvel's HEROES

I just bought this yesterday partly because it is a fundraiser, partly because it will become collectible, but mostly because I wanted to see artist’s intpretations on the events. As soon as I got in my car after leaving the comic book shop, I opened it up and read it.

For those who don’t know, HEROES is a 64-page collection of one page posters from some of the comic book world’s biggest names. The proceeds go to the Twin Tower Fund. To learn more go here: HEROES

So here I am, sitting in my car still parked in front of the store looking at this book. And I start crying. I cried for a day or two after Sept. 11 but hadn’t been that emotionally touched since then. This book is hit and miss, with some of the posters seem contrived or overwrought but most of them hit. They hit big.

Some of the images that still come to mind:

Involving superheroes - The Hulk prostrate before a fireman’s helmet.
Captain America weeping in the background of the city’s silohette. (sp?)
Captain America battered with 2 holes in his shield but ready to pounce back with his shadow a brick wall.

Reality - 2 girls from Dearborn, Michigan (that’s where I go to school) holding hands watching the TV. One white, one arabic.
Alex Ross’s fireman that repeats as the cover.
Darkened policeman heading in against of people rushing away.
3 Fireman. One protecting people, another holding ground, and the last heading into the fire with his ax ready.
Passengers on the plane, rushing the hijackers.
Fireman resting on the bench with a simple yet touching poem by the one and only Kevin Smith.

Thanks for sharing this and the news link. I still choke up every now and then. Like standing near a boarding gate at the airport recently and looking at the pilots and flight attendants. Things at time seem a bit surreal.

Just giving a little shameless plug, both for my thread and for the book. Did anybody else get it? What did you think?

I checked out that link and the one I wanted to see happened to be the one they show in the article. The Hulk pic. Its strange but its the saddest pic I have seen related to the WTC tragedy. Hulk was my hero growing up. Ans sam kieth was my fav comic artist. Ill have to pic it up to see the other pics.