Mary Tyler Moore Show opening

Two part question.

In the opening of the MTM show we see Mary shaking her head at the price of meat and then throwing it in her cart. How much did meat cost when she did this?

Also at the end of the song, on the opening credits, you see MTM throw her hat into the air. Just at this exact moment some lady with a scarf on her head turns and looks directly into the camera.

You can clearly see her face. Does anybody know who this old women is. Did she get famous??

Well, I can’t answer the meat price question, but the old lady recently died. There was a minor news story about it. I believe she in her 80’s or 90’s.

I never thought of it as ‘shaking her head over the price of meat’ (although I guess it could have been).

I always thought of it as the I’m-single-living-alone-why-the-hell should I care about what I eat? kind of thing.

It was the early '70s, and meat prices were out of control. I forget why.

The Great OPEC Pork Embargo.

I’m bumping this up in hope somebody knows

I’m not sure about the price of meat, but about that old woman…

That scene was filmed down in the Cities and the woman in question became a minor local celebrity. She died within the past year. I’m sure that if you do a search at you’ll be able to track her down.

Sorry to drag this thread up again, but it’s been bugging the heck out of me.

Markxxx, the answer to your second question is Hazel Frederick.

This story is what brought this thread to mind again…