Mary Tyler Moore Hospitalized [EDIT: RIP]

In grave condition.

Complications from diabetes and it sounds like she’s going blind if she’s not already there.


A coworker just said she died.

ETA: New York Daily News is reporting her dead.


I’m not seeing that anywhere else online yet.



She played the never seen but often heard answering service girl “Sam” in Richard Diamond, Private Detective.

Oh Rob!

I remember a decade or two ago she woke up blind but she got better. RIP.

Oh, Mr. Grant!

“Who can turn the world on with her smile?” Today, a piece of the world turned off. RIP, Mary.

Cheers. Sometimes, I miss that closing quote.

RIP, Mary. :frowning:

I’m surprised to see that both Phyllis (at 90) and Rhoda (at 77) are still alive. Valerie Harper has been battling cancer for ages!

And of course, Lou (88) and Sue Ann (95) are still with us. Not to mention Rob Petrie (92).

RIP. :frowning:

I reported this for amended title.

She had spunk!

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She had spunk.

Sorry to disagree with Lou, but I liked it.

RIP Mary.

I hate spunk.

Title updated :frowning:

And I never would have guessed that Dick Van Dyke was still alive.

I see Georgia Engel (68) is only six years older than I am. She must have been a mere babe in arms when she was cast as Georgette.

Gavin McLeod and Joyce Bulifant (Mr and Mrs Murray Slaughter) are still with us too at 85 and 79, respectively.

Priscilla Morrill (Edie Grant) passed away in 1994.

He was on The Middle not too long ago, playing the brother of Tag, played by Jerry van Dyke. Some homage hilarity ensued.

eta And I like spunk

Alan Brady (94) has also not shaken off this mortal coil.