Masculinity on a College Campus

Boobs are pretty awesome, that’s what they have to do with :slight_smile:

And here’s another secret you might not know - other kids were having the same feelings you did. They just didn’t talk about them, same as you. There was nothing different about you.

That’s useful information.

That is one of the difficulties of life, that we are often afraid to share our particular desires, fears, thoughts, etc. We worry that we are the odd duck. That somehow the circumstances of our life lead to some uniqueness whereby others might not understand us and make fun of us. I think that is especially true at a young age, but even a bit true as we age.

What I have found over my years is we are more alike than we are different.

Most of us have had issues with money, family, health, work, relationships, communication, etc.

It would be nice to learn this at an earlier age, but in regular interactions that is difficult.

The annonimity of a message board helps greatly, but can be a huge problem for younger people as we don’t want them mixing with just anyone.