Masked man attacks people in 7-11 with hatchet. Armed customer saves everybody.

Geez, It’s getting to the point that a man can’t even enjoy his morning coffee anymore. :wink: This guy sure saved the day. He should get free coffee at that 7-11 for a long time.

btw several other sources reported it was a hatchet. The clerk wouldn’t have survived a blow from an axe.

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Bet it was far less snarky than what I’m imagining.:smiley:

I’m just wondering if my axe body spray stock went up or down…

Only because I’m sure that this is headed outside of MPSIMS based on the comment/non-comments already:

Many/most sane citizens are aware that it is in fact possible for an armed person to prevent a crime, save a life, or what have you. However, individual anecdotes are not really relevant in building responsible public policy that works for all citizens. Yes, it’s possible that in an alternate universe where no one was allowed to carry guns that dude with the axe might have killed the clerk, and maybe someone else as well. That doesn’t mean that this is somehow evidence that it is good for American citizens in general for the citizenry to be armed.

Absolutely. The lack of proper regulation over axes is a travesty. You can kill a hundred people without resharpening and most of us will never need one to chop down a tree.

Such alternate universes (also known as countries) do exist. As such, it’s possible to compare homicide rates and see if there’s any meaningful difference between countries where the populace is armed and unarmed.

Military-style assault axe. Nuff sed.

Why compare countries where the psychos have to use axes with those where the psychos can easily get guns instead?

Everyone’s going to have their pre-existing beliefs reinforced by this incident.

Some people are going to look at this incident and think how lucky the clerk was that the customer had a gun.

Some people are going to look at this incident and think how lucky the clerk was that the masked man didn’t have a gun.

I was thinking more like this.

I think both sides in the gun debate should try and make peace by burying the hatchet.

Bolding mine.

Damn you are good.



I’ll admit, I laughed.

More seriously, what was this guy’s motive for the attack? Did he have a grudge against the clerk, or was he mentally ill?

I know, right? :wink:

Or rather:

. . . is like pushing this thread off the cliff of the gun thread debate, and then turning around and whistling like he had nothing to do with it. Not to mention the OP’s own history. I hardly think I was working magic.

Some will think how lucky everyone was that the shooter was white, lest he be shot by police on sight.

Sorry for the hatchet joke in a serious gun conversation. Such frivolity adze little to the debate.

I’m sure it’ll be okay, I don’t think anyone here has an axe to grind.

I have a hard time thinking that anybody was lucky in this situation at all. I guarantee you that if I get hatched, I’m going to say it was an unlucky day.

It went up and down three or four times, by the sound of it.

So is there an update? Who was that Masked Man and what was his problem, anyway?