Masking fluid accident [B]Help please[/B]

Awhile back I came back from England where I had purchased a bottle of masking fluid to use with watercolors. When I packed my stuf I made sure it was out the way but the jerks in baggage still managed to break the bottle open. So here my bag is stinking like masking fluid, all green and rubbery and there’s nothing I can do about it but check the bag back in and get it back home. I figured since the nature of masking fluid is to dry up and peel off things easily that it’d be no problem, but thin applications of masking fluid are much different from an entire bottle’s quantity… it was thick I mean really thick! and I couldn’t get one of my zipper compartments down… I finally just broke the zipper to get the stuff out of the bag, but I can’t think of anything I can use that might “dissolve” masking fluid to make my bag useable again. Can any chemical experts out there help me with this? What breaks up masking fluid? Or should I just throw my bag out? :(… thanks

Googling for “masking fluid” gave this:

Well, Googling under “remove dried latex”:

So it’s not dissolving the latex as such–the warm water and detergent are just loosening the bond between the latex and the fabric, making it easier to pick the latex out.

There are other hits which mention, again, that hot, soapy water will remove (read: “loosen so you can scrub off”) dried latex. So there’s nothing magic about “detergent”, just basically soap or detergent.

What is the bag made out of? Is it fabric of some kind? Canvas? Cotton? Polyester?

Here’s a hit from a boatbuilding site that mentions:,3022,3-1-1-16286-280-334,00.html


So look and see whether it says “do not use on luggage” before you start pouring. :smiley:

Goo Gone will soften and dissolve dried masking fluid. Let it sit.:smack:

zombie or no

it has sit.

So, Thinktank, has your problem been solved, twelve years later?

(Thinktank still posts here, so it’s not a totally unreasonable question.)