Mass Effect 2 question

I need help with ME2. I don’t want to get anything spoiled, so I’m not checking a FAQ or anything like that.

I just recruited the assassin. I still need to get the Asari Justicar and Tali, but I was just sent by the Illusive Man to a disabled Collector ship. Will I still be able to go back and recruit the rest of my team after this mission, or do I need to get them before I go to the ship?

You’re grand. The mission you need to worry about having everthing done by has “IFF” in its title.

The Collector Cruiser is one of those missions like Horizon, you have to go there as soon as it pops up, so don’t worry about it. The game will give you some subtle hints when the point comes where the line is drawn between building the team and continuing the mission.

Thanks to both of you!