Mass Effect 3 DLC question - No spoilers.

Got hold of Mass effect 3 for the 360 yesterday. I am interested in the From Ashes DLC.

What i’m wondering is do you have to have a permanent internet connection to use it?

My Xbox isn’t usually connected to the internet (no interest in online play), although obviously i can do it (with a little inconvenience) to download the dlc in the first place.

Googling has produced contradictory answers. You definitlely need to be online for the PC version, but i’m seeing different opinions on the xbox dlc.

I have no idea if the Xbox needs to be connected, but From Ashes really changes the game. I played ME3 the first time without it and the second time with it. It seems to give a bit more foreshadowing to the crappy ending.

So, is that a recommendation?

Yes. You should get the DLC. Maybe play it once before you get the DLC and once after to see the difference.