Mass Effect Computer-->Console Question

I am an unabashed lover of everything Mass Effect. It’s my favorite game (series…but I’ll just say game) of all time and I have loved every minute of it. The problem is I am a playstation guy and have only enjoyed Mass Effects 2 and 3. I’ve gotten all the history and the decision making by the little comic before the game in ME2, and the codex histories and the oral histories and stuff because I’ve never been able to play the original Mass Effect.

I’m to a point now where I would love to play the original Mass Effect to really get the background of everything and to create a Shepard that I can have from the beginning all the way to the end; but again I am a playstation guy so the only way that I can play ME is on my computer. Is there a way for me to play ME on my computer and bring my saved game (with my Shepard’s looks, battle stats, decisions etc.) over to my playstation so that when I start ME2 I can import my game?

No, but I believe there’s something called Mass Effect: Genesis which you can use, after Shepard gets spaced in ME2’s opener, to choose what decisions you made in ME1 to some extent. This way you’re not stuck with all the Renegade choices leading into ME2. (i.e. Wrex dying, the Council dying).

The fact that Genesis doesn’t take place until after the intro does mean that you’re always gonna have Liara as the person trying to help you in the intro before you tell her to “get the hell out of there!”, though. ME1 players will have their love interest doing that. The reason being that the game doesn’t know who the Virmire Survivor was yet. But considering that the fate of Urdnot Wrex is a critical component of ME3, it’s better than nothing.

I’m a 360 user and have all three games, but I admit it would be nice for them to release ME1 for PS3. Maybe as DLC?

ME1’s a fun game. But there are a lot of annoying things about ME1 that they thankfully removed from ME2. It gets boring as all hell having to update your weapons all the time. And then going in and removing all your least powerful mods when the game tells you you’re about to reach your inventory’s limit.

Some people actually got upset when this “feature” was absent in ME2, but I was all, "Hallelujah! More time to actually play the game!"