Mass Exodus

Well, yes, it does seem like alot of people are leaving.

School hasn’t officially started and I’m already busy as hell getting all my grad school orientations and lesson plans together.

I’m gonna be scarce.

Gonna be scarce doesn’t mean you are leaving. This is really getting lame folks. If you hate everyone here, or someone was a big meany head or God told you to than just FUCKING LEAVE! Don’t tell us, just go! You know what? Never mind! I’m gonna post this over in the pit. This is just getting down right stupid!

I’m sorry topolino, I’m not spewing at you, just spewing in general. I and others understand when life gets busy and you can’t post. It happens. It’s called REAL LIFE and you don’t have time for this. But I’m getting damn sick and tired of all these people saying that they are leaving for really dumb assed (IMHO) reasons.

ARGGGGG! Okay, I’ll go vent in the pit. I’ll call it “Fuck you, I’m leaving” how’s that? Again, I’m not flaming you, just sorta flaming all over. Man! I’m so mad! Maybe I’LL just leave too!

Jesus christ!

I’m leaving because I’m starting graduate school and teaching two classes. I’m too busy to breathe let alone hang out on the internet. I hope that’s a good enough excuse for you.

I might as well say I’m leaving. I don’t think things are going to get any less busy than this. In fact, I think they’re going to get brutally hectic.

I’m sorry topolino, I’m not spewing at you

Again, I’m not. I vented my spleen over in the PIT. Sorry.

Stay in touch Topolino…
I for one appreciate a ‘g’bye’ when some one leaves, so we dont sit around wondering …Whatever happened to So&So, are they dead, sick, mad?..

At least we know.

Bye, Topolino. It’s been nice having you on this board. Good luck in grad school, and be sure to stop back sometimes, okay?

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

There’s lotsa fresh meat around.