Mass Shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA

Neither mundane nor pointless. :frowning: It’s at a nightclub just off the 101. One security guard was shot.
They don’t know if the shooter is in custody. :frowning:

Multiple fatalities, shooter is dead apparently. At least 11 wounded.

12 dead. I don’t know if that number includes the shooter.

12 dead plus the shooter, according to CNN. Plus 10-15 injured.

Two good guys with guns were among the dead: a security guard and a police sergeant.

Barely have time for ‘thoughts and prayers’ after one mass shooting before the next one happens.

And California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Great.

Well, that’s irrelevant because there is no universal national policy governing the purchase and ownership of firearms, therefore one can always get a gun from a location that has lax laws and transport it with them anywhere.

“Bangers” and other ne’er-do-wells simply drive to Indiana with a suitcase full of cash, buy trunk loads of assault weapons, semi-automatic pistols, and ammo, drive back to Chicago, and sell the stuff literally out of the trunks of their cars.

** Majority of Guns Used in Chicago Crimes Come From Outside Illinois: Repor**t

3 men charged with trafficking dozens of guns bought over to Chicago gang members

Interesting, thanks. And sad.

Borderland is a country bar. It was college night.

So the fuck what? Nobody’s going to do anything about it, so I can’t imagine why we bother pretending to care.

Thoughts and prayers.

One witness was reporting that the assailant was using smoke grenades. If true, then this wasn’t just a bar fight that got out of hand: the assailant planned and equipped himself to kill as many as possible.

Reports say he was dressed all in black, wearing a black hood and maybe a mask.
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But I thought good guys with guns would protect us all?

No link right now, but it’s being reported that some of the survivors of this shooting had also survived last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting.

The first thing he did was kill the doorman/security guard. It was clearly planned. I’m actually surprised that there weren’t a lot more people killed. There were a couple hundred people in there.

Early witness statements say the gunman reloaded at least once, was “very skilled” as a shooter (not spraying bullets everywhere), and used smoke devices to disorient the crowd.

Is it bad that my second response this morning (after “Oh, fuck”) was “I hope the shooter is white”?

Multiple witness say that there were Las Vegas survivors in the building.

New York Times link

Sheriff’s Office is reporting the gunman used a Glock 21. 10 round magazines if he bought them in California. Early reports are that he concentrated his fire around the front desk, taking out the security guard in the process.

The shooter has been named as Ian David Long, a former Marine. (Early reports said Ian was actually his middle name.)

From the NYTimes: