"Whites don't kill whites..." Shooting at Kentucky Kroger supermarket

Assuming MPSIMS because it’s a late-breaking event.

A white man walked into a Kroger and shot two black patrons (one was in the parking lot). A late arriving white citizen, armed with a civilian gun, confronted the shooter as he was leaving. The account from the son of the armed citizen (the “armed man” in the account is the shooter):

“He (the armed man) said, ‘please don’t shoot and I won’t shoot you,’ whites don’t kill whites,”

Whites don’t kill whites, said the shooter, after shooting two random black people.

This is America.

I feel great again.

One might just as well say, “White bystander rejects racist criminal’s appeal to racial solidarity and shoots at him instead, risking his own life trying to stop a rampage.”

Why isn’t that America?

That didn’t actually happen. This bystander didn’t shoot at him.

It doesn’t actually seem to be clear at this point.

Obviously the criminal was factually incorrect - whites shoot whites more than any other group. Mostly people shoot people they know - is there any data on why the criminal shot the two black folks?


What was the shooter’s motive? Was it racially-motivated, or was it personal?

I know people go to extraordinary lengths to deny racism still exists. But this guy explicitly said he decides to murder people based on their race.

Thanks, I’m unable to read the article.

I guess I shouldn’t be, but I’m still amazed at such hateful ignorance.

What kind of fantasy world is he living in where “whites don’t kill whites”?

What a dumbass.

Your one anecdote is America? I could link millions of other anecdotes that paint any conceivable sort of person in a bad light. Two girls just plotted to kill and drink the blood of their fellow students. The girls are 12 and 11. Is that the definition of America?

I’d say these sentiments, acts, and evil plans are part of America but are far from fully defining the nation or its people.

Until one college student that calls himself “antifa” throws a rock at a guy in a red hat. Then his actions are representative of half the people in America, right?

In America, on the day that almost a dozen progressive/Democratic figures, plus CNN, were attacked by a terrorist bomber, another American decided to shoot black people and believed he could avoid being stopped by another white person by appealing to racial solidarity. All at the same time a President supported by millions celebrates violence against a journalist and encourages violence against progressives.

Yes, this is America. Many other things are also America (including many good things!). But this is definitely America too, in the present as well as the past.

The shooter’s name AFAICT is Gregory Alan Bush. All the stories I have found say that the shootings were “random”, which might mean just that he didn’t know the victims personally, and that they don’t know his motive. So maybe he was shooting black people at random.

No doubt we will learn more subsequently.


Beliefs like this go hand in hand with white supremacy. Only those morally decrepit black people kill each other. And don’t forget that they also are out there killing up all the white folks, too. There is no need to concern ourselves with white-on-white crime with all these scary blacks running around.

From the article:

I’m going to make a wild guess that the black victim in the parking lot was not chosen *completely * at random, Police Chief Rogers.

No, that’s a lone racist nut in Kentucky. Saying “This is America” is absurd- there are nearly 329 million other people in the country, most of whom don’t think that way out there.

You could just as validly cite “Shoe shine man who donated more than $200,000 in tips in his career to help uninsured children receive health care passes away at 76.”

And then say…

This is America.

All sorts of astoundingly good and bad stuff happens- most people aren’t violent racists, nor are they quite so philanthropic as Mr. Lexie was, so you can’t really look at either and paint the whole country with that particular broad brush.

You liberals have to make everything about race, don’t you.

I’m okay with the idea of “whites don’t kill whites”. If he had just stuck with that, it would have been fine. But he went wrong when he followed it up with “whites kill blacks instead”.

This is an interesting conundrum for the late arriving white citizen, armed with a civilian gun. He was assured by the bad guy that his life was not in danger, therefore, he cannot claim self-defense if he shoots the said bad guy. We all want him to pull the trigger and rid the world of this real piece of work, but the late arriving white citizen, armed with a civilian gun may or may not be shielded by the laws of his state if he does so. Now it is up to him to decide if his understanding of the law protects him from prosecution.

From the article “An armed bystander exchanged gunfire with the suspect in the lot of the Jeffersontown store before the shooter fled in a car”