"Whites don't kill whites..." Shooting at Kentucky Kroger supermarket

I did not see this in the article “whites kill blacks instead”

Many states do have defense-of-a-third-party laws, but I’d suggest that, as much as a general rule can be ascribed to the whole country, one faces greater legal peril intervening if someone else is in danger than if oneself is in danger.

No no no, that’s not true at all. He said he decides which people not to murder based on their race. That’s totally different.

As expected, details are starting to trickle out.


Which part is America? The crazy guy who gunned down some random citizens, seemingly because of race and, you know, he’s crazy? The late arriving guy who shot back at the suspect, causing him to flee the scene? The two black patrons shot randomly at a market? Maybe the cops who will make the arrest later this afternoon, perhaps accidentally beating the shit out of him when he resists? The jury that will sentence the crazy asshole to a long prison sentence? Perhaps the large bunk-mate who will later make him squeal like a pig? Maybe the folks who will come together to show support for the two killed?

What part of this is America to you?

All of it, and more!

Exactly. Which makes it kind of ridiculous to point at just a crazy nut who shoots some innocents for whatever reason and say ‘This is America’, no?

Maybe the title of the thread should have been “Armed bystander stops mass shooting with civilian gun”

You’re allowed to claim self-defense when you’re protecting a third person.

I’m white. But if I encounter a person shooting black people, I can shoot him even if I know he won’t choose me as a target.

If you start shooting people and choose to not shoot white people then you’re shooting non-white people.

Or do we need Venn diagrams?

I get that, but you put it in quotes. In English that tells the reader that he said it rather than the fact that the author implied it from the story. Where does that leave Asians and Hispanics, etc.

Is there a symbol for air quotes?

…the thread title is an exact quote from the son of the man who encountered the gunman in this incident. Its the quote that made the reporter pause during the interview, it was so shocking. It is an entirely appropriate thread title.

I think his point is that this horrible situation is nearly uniquely American. The other stuff you bring up doesn’t really matter because none of it would have happened if the “crazy nut who shoots some innocents” for racial reasons was not able to do so.

It is America’s homegrown racism, lack of proper (mental) health care, and ubiquity of guns that made this entire thing possible.

At least, that’s what I would mean if I said “This is America.” I won’t, though, because I prefer saying “this is racism,” and the reason why I want us to do more about it.

Not sure a reasonable person would trust the word of a guy shooting up a parking lot.

No, it is not. It is one guy, a paranoid schizophrenic, who went off his meds. Get a grip.

Whoa…you think that only in America folks are killed randomly (or not so randomly) because of race?? Seriously? That’s such a ridiculous statement that I really have to check to see if you are serious about that, or perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you are getting at.

You missed the parts about having access to a gun and having previously been arrested for assault and having previously made threatening remarks.

In the mortal words of Full Metal Jacket:
>Get some! Get some! Yeah. Get some! Get some! Get some!
>Private Joker:
>How can you shoot women and children?
>Door Gunner:
>Easy… you don’t lead 'em so much.

This is America because a guy with a history of mental problems was able to get a gun.

…what is it exactly are you confused about?

(Warning, contains disturbing imagery)

"This is America."

Its a song that addresses gun violence. It addresses mass shootings. It addresses racism and discrimination against black Americans.

The reference fits perfectly for this thread. This *is *America. We don’t have an epidemic of mass shootings in my country (NZ). We don’t have an epidemic of gun violence in my country: our police force aren’t even routinely armed. And the racism in our country is an entirely different type of racism. Do you not understand that what the song talks about is a uniquely American experience?

No big deal here; just a teeny-tiny story. Happens all the time. Nothing to worry about.

After all, this is America.