Massage - yeah right!!

So, I was reading this Health News - CNN article Suspected SARS victim: ‘No, not me’. It talks about this guy’s 10-day trip to China. In it, he says:

:dubious: Right!!! It was a massage. SURE!!! nudge nudge wink wink - a massage :smiley:

Note: I know nothing about China. This could have really been a massage but I don’t know.

Actually those are legit massages in the hotel rooms. I got one while I was in Beijing this month, but chose to get it in their facilities rather than my room b/c it cost 100 RMB more to have a massage in my room.

Darn, how can I spread innuendo and gossip if you state the truth??

BTW, hope you are healthly (and I mean that sincerely)

LOL – and thank you, yes I’m entirely healthy. Now that I’m seeing how very much was covered up while I was in Beijing, I’m also feeling grateful.