Massages with "happy endings"- experience?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum or the question has already been asked…

So a friend of mine just moved into a new apartment with a roomie he met on craiglist. Turns out the roomie is a really hot midwestern boy who gives massages- normal or “happy ending”. He mostly does men but has a handful of women clients as well. The prices aren’t so bad in comparison to other massage parlors, but of course, I’m talking about reputable ones. I don’t want to go somewhere TOO cheap, ya know?

I’m a girl. I’ve never even had a regular massage, but I’m VERY tempted about this happy ending deal. I’m just afraid it’s going to be WEIRD… I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before. Has anyone done this? How does it segue from massage to… more?

Obviously I’m more interested in women who may have, but I’d take men’s advice too. This is a serious question, not a request for dirty stories!

I have no ‘happy ending massage’ story to share. I only write to say that this is a most excellent combination of Username and Thread Topic.

Let me be the second to say - most rife with sexy innuendo username/topic combination in a long time!

No help for you on the actual question, though. Sorry.

I’d say go for it–who doesn’t like a happy ending?–but I’m not actually sure we can give you advice on this, since it technically sounds like a form of prostitution, which is illegal in many places . . .

Okay, I know everyone always says this, but a friend of mine (no really) was getting a massage once, and the lady said, “So, just so you know, I work mostly for tips”. I guess it was in the delivery because he knew exactly what she meant, and was surprised by it.

He swears he didn’t take her up on it, and I guess if I expect people to believe I’m talking about a friend then I should believe what he says, too. :wink:

You don’t say where you’re from, but what you’re talking about is prostitution and would be illegal in most places.

Maybe you’re more, um, flexible in this regard, but I don’t think a random guy who didn’t know me sexually could give me an orgasam through digital manipulation that easily. I can see how this would work well with men–getting men off is pretty straight-foward, but women? Maybe I’m just picky, but for some reason I just forsee and awkward situation where I want to come, but he’s just not doing it right. Ya know?

Yeah, same here…that’s kind of what I was thinking when I read the OP. I’m just not sure it would work for me even if he did everything right, you know?

Closing thread asking for advice concerning an illegal act.