Massive Crack In Texas.

A huge crack has formed in Texas.

Mysterious natural phenomena should, at least, be dramatic.

What’s more interesting is that the crack ends at a really huge pair of jeans.

Repent. The end is nigh!

Wasn’t there something about crack in Texas during the 2000 presidential campaign?

That is some awesome grammar that they have there.

Did a plumbers convention happen there recently?

Are the undead hordes late or what?

I guess Og prefers the slow zombies. Give them another week or so.

Great reportage. Not a word about the length of the crack.

Or whether it runs north-south or east-west. Should we be worrying about Texas seceding (receding? subsiding?), or the west coast?

Just say no.

Gentlemen do not comment on the length of other gentlemen’s cracks.

Besides, it being Texas, the guy next place over might have come out with a .30-06 saying, “Yew boys git out of my crack!” :mad:

Any sign of short little folks showing up to throw rings into the thing?

Claude Texas gets all of its water from the Ogallala aquifer. Rather than a fault, the crack probably resulted from subsidence of the water bearing rock after too much water was removed.

I’ve never met Claude, but I shall never call upon him for plubming service.

Yeah, the plumber joke’s been beaten to death, eh?

Well whatever television network were covering the story, they certainly made it sound dramatic;

Sounds a lot worse that way, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

[snide remark]
That is the grammar indigenous to the region…it is supposed to be “quaint” and “folksy”; tourists eat it up. [/snide remark]

Perhaps the editors thought that this colloquilism would add to the human interest angle of the story, which features no humans at all.

Jeebus-the basics aren’t even in this article, are they? Is this a real newspaper?

BTW, I was hoping that the crack in TX was caused by a massive shift in support away from DeLay and Bush and towards anyone else. Guess not.

Funny, this is what I see at the link:

Then again, maybe they read your post and edited their story. :rolleyes:

They DID. It was use yesterday, used today.

Don’t Mess With Texas’s Crack!