Massive Etsy privacy violations

Story here.

Basically, Etsy (a popular site for makers of handmade items to sell their stuff) has made their user data Google-searchable. This means that if your real name is on your Etsy account, information about your Etsy purchases and favorites will now show up in a Google search.

There are many, many items that people might not want to show up in searches like this, and Etsy has not publicized the policy change to its userbase. So, FYI, if you have an Etsy account I’d highly recommend changing your settings or just deleting the account entirely, if you don’t want the whole world knowing about that Pope-shaped dildo you bought last week.

I just logged in and changed my settings. Thanks.


Some SERIOUS hatred going on in those comments.

I wonder if Etsy CEO has fire insurance, because it sounds like the torch-wielding mob is on it’s way.

What, you mean like this?


(broke link because it may or may not be work safe. It’s a ceramic “penis pendant”)

Heh. I also wouldn’t want anyone to see anything I’ve clicked on (or accidentally added to favorites) that was featured on Regretsy, you know, pretty much ever.

I was thinking about starting a thread here - I knew there were some Dopers who had Etsy accounts. This is not Etsy’s finest hour, to put it mildly…

They have sort of rolled out a fix (which I think is wholly inadequate and creates more problems than it solves, but it’s probably better than nothing for now) so that the issue of people tracing your purchases has more or less gone away - they’ve changed the feedback system. Details at:

Moral of the story: Don’t use your real name online. Trusting large websites with personal details can only hurt you.
I even use a version of my name on facebook that most people who know me professionally aren’t aware of.

Yeah, but there IS a difference between Facebook and an e-commerce site. I can understand why people may have their name on a site like Etsy so they have less chance of looking like a scammer, etc. * If you’re trying to buy OR sell something, a lot of people aren’t going to feel 100% secure with only knowing you as BlueSkyDreamin.

  • which of course doesn’t mean scammers couldn’t fill out a fake name, but you know what I mean.