Master of Puppets

I am without proper words to describe this disc. It is the quintessential heavy metal album and quite possible the best thing Metallica’s ever done, and I don’t think I can crank it up loud enough. My ears are ringing and my neck hurts, but if the volume knob had another notch I’d be bangin’ right along. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for the angst of youth, but I really love this stuff. Any other metal militiamen out there agree?

Well, I’m not exactly a metal militiaman (or any other kind of man), but I agree. MoP is the rockinest, and imho the best Metallica album out there.

And the romantic possibilities of this record are highly underrated, as I’m sure another poster will be along to attest… :slight_smile:

Hmm. Master of Puppets is certainly up there pretty high on the list. Although the strength of the title track is something to reckon with, I have to give “Best of Artist” credit to Ride the Lightning for two reasons. “The Thing that Should Not Be” is an understatement. That song is terrible. RTL also contains “Fade to Black” which brings me to the verge of tears every time I hear it.

True that about Fade to Black. Makes me feel deeply unhappy. It takes me back to a time when I lived that song. Personally, however, I’m not musically masochistic enough to use it as a point towards the rockinest album title, so I’ll stand by my opinion. :slight_smile:

Metalica was great. Now they are hasbeens too lazy to make a decent album so they make a publicity stunt out of alienating hundreds of thousands of people by crucifying Napster. Good job Lars.

For the purposes of this thread, please assume Metallica ceased to exist shortly after recording the One video. Fade to Black was cool back in the day, but it began to mean less when I got past my all-black, freak the norms phase. Don’t get me wrong, it rocks, and it helped get me through that relatively unscarred, I just don’t think the appeal is as broad as Puppets. For emotional pull, I turn to Orion or Call of Ktulu

The Thing that Should not Be is almost an in-joke with the Lovecraft thing. It makes more sense in that context, but I agree that it’s a bit out of place.

You know, I was this close to telling my story again, but now that I think about it, maybe I’ve told it enough already. :wink:

Pre-black album they were so amazing on so many levels. Incredible precision, complex music, great lyrics. That single kick drum on the black album was the beginning of the end. I actually haven’t even heard any of the following albums.

I thought this was yet another Sammy bin Laden thread.

This is the first post I’ve actually opened in Cafe Society. Master of Puppets is indeed the best Metallica album of all time and one of the best metal albums. Its speed, power, and technicality are beyond comparison. Plus it’s really cool! :smiley: One of my top five favorite albums ever. And the title track’s lyrics helped me pick up a really great girl…

>>And the title track’s lyrics helped me pick up a really great girl…

“Hey Baby. Why don’t you come over to my place, it’ll be shag-a-delic ! And in the morning, I can like, chop your breakfast on a mirror. TASTE ME !”

‘Master of Puppets’ is tied with ‘…And Justice for All’ for favorite Metallica album - it all depends on what mood I’m in. I like ‘Ride the Lightning’ too, and it was definitely groundbreaking when it came out.

Pound for pound, track for track I gotta like Kill 'Em All better than MoP. Not that it’s bad at all, but there are tracks like TTTSNB and Orion that I pretty much fast forward through every time. KEA has no such tracks.
BTW Is Ride the Lightning an overrated album or what? Out of all their albums it happened to be the last one I acquired(My first was Justice) and, with the exception of a few tracks(Fight fire with fire, Trapped under Ice and Creeping Death)I was really disappointed. Jaymz has gone on record as utterly despising the song “Escape” and I gotta agree.
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Chris W

Actually, I was going to say that I think Master is their most overrated album - too much of it drags on, and there isn’t the same warmth as on Ride the Lightning, or the precision of Kill 'Em All. I thought their last decent record was ‘Garage Days Re-revisited’, with Justice being one of the worst produced Metal albums of the 80’s, and everything after that being basically worthless.

Of course, I’m not a ‘Metallica fan’, which may be why my opinion is outside orthodoxy. And James has said lots of stupid things - ‘Escape’ harks back to the Iron Maiden influences of their demos, and is one of my favourites to sing along with.

Justice is the best Metallica album. MoP is good too though, but I think Justice crushes it. It is true that it is very poorly produced. If you listen as hard as you can, you can BARELY hear ANY bass guitar. Not even a smidgen on some songs. Newstead claims that is due to the loss of Cliff and the band didnt like him and didnt want to hear his bass on the record.

Jason is better off without that ate up shit band any way. Cliff just wasnt THAT good.

I read one interview where he said they asked him to just dupe the guitar parts. He’s a good, precise player, and if you duplicate the guitar parts perfectly you don’t hear the bass, the guitar just sounds deeper. Cliff hardly ever played exactly what the main rhythm guitar was doing, that’s part of the reason why he was so great.

At first it used to be my favorite “loud is better” album, though i hardly ever listened to it that way. Only having had it for the longest time, did i notice the artistic artistry that is there, oozing from every track. And i don’t know about you, but kinda hard for me to judge Burton et. al, on the merits of just that one album. i don’t have RideTheLightning just yet.

I’m betting yours only goes up to ten, right?