Master Raum, Howard County Circuit Court is a FACIST!

Equal justice is a LIE in the Howard County Maryland Circuit Court.

Er, cite?

He hates faces?

Any reason in particular?

Anyone want to bet on whether that’s a misspelling of “fascist” or “racist”?

I’m betting on “racist” because of the “equal justice” line, and the fact that “f” is next to “r” on the qwerty keyboard.

Any takers?

Yeah, you’re probably right. I googled the most of the terms in the title since they seem to be more descriptive and I came up with the fact that there is a Bernard Raum in Howard County who is a Master for Domestic Relations. cite

I don’t know shit about Maryland law, but I’m guessing that this fellow is getting a divorce or something similar and feels that he got screwed somehow.

Come on then, tell us why Master Raum is a fascist.

Ah, but the servant waits . . .

Who said it fascist? You win.

Blown & Injected here. I share a computer at work with somebody that has already been divorced and is fighting to SAVE his girls from an evil bitch.

I always thought the court is to do the best thing for the children; what a fool I am.

I will have my friend continue this story. It is UFB!

Wel…that clears that up…:rolleyes:

UFB? So tell us exactly what your coworker has told you.


Yoy mean Judge Raum dresses in snappy uniforms, his thugs pour castor-oil down the throats of their victims and he firmly believes in state control of important industries while opposing Communists?

And they kept him on the bench? Wow! I’m shocked, but I believe you, 'cause I’m sure that you couldn’t be so dim as to use the term “fascist” to mean “someone I don’t like”.


PS: UFB: Ultra-Frequency Broadband? Uber-Fascist Bats? Umber Feltching Baseballs?

I’m guessing that UFB = “un-fucking-believeable”.

I’ve been hearing a lot about fascists making child custody cases a part of their platform for the next election. I myself think that the Nazis have a better chance of winning for their opposition to underaged drinking.