masters in computer science scenario - get in with BA?

Is there a single english speaking college that will allow you to register for a computer science masters with a BA and minor in computer science?

Having read your recent thread, it’s pretty clear that you have no idea what you want out of grad school. That’s the sine qua non here; this is not undergrad all over again, and you need a specific reason to go before it’s a good idea. So, what’s your reason for wanting to apply?

I agree. The OP makes little sense as written. Of course you can go to grad school with a BA minor in the field of choice and sometimes not even that but that has little bearing on a vague question. What is the goal? If you are simply confused, get some type of specialized in demand technical training in computers and get a job. Computer science graduate degrees tend to be academic degrees as well. There are other types more suited to getting jobs like MIS degrees or specialty programs focusing on specific skills.

I’m not sure I understand…why would any graduate program not let you apply? There aren’t any that are just going to let you sign up – you’ll have to complete the application process like anybody else. And they might make you make up some prerequisites if your minor didn’t prepare you sufficiently. But it’s not at all unusual to get a graduate degree in a field different from your undergrad major – most of my graduate class had their undergrad degrees in something else (usually physics or mathematics) rather than CS (although that was some time ago).

Take the computer science GRE, whether your program requires it or not. It’ll give you a good sense as to whether or not you’re ready for graduate study.

I don’t see how it would work. You have none of the math required by even the easiest CS program.

I recall the scenario posited in the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Protagonist was a teacher and thought no one should be allowed to just “go to college”. You had to work for a few years until there was something you really wanted to know.

THEN you could go back to school.

That was what I did, and I’m so glad. And so are the people that’d be dead now (was headed to med school, took a job for a couple of years, and now I’m an art teacher).

OK, let’s nip this one in the bud right now. There is no consistent difference between the BA and the BS across universities. At some, every bachelor’s is a BA; at others, every bachelor’s is a BS; and at others still, there are differences that are specific to that university. Blanket statements like this simply aren’t correct.

Speaking from personal experience, yes, it’s possible at many good schools. You will need some math and CS classes, but if you didn’t take them as an undergrad then you can take them part-time somewhere as a non-degree student. Most CS departments will be happy to tell you what coursework they require for admission to their MS program, just check the website, and some will ever offer their own set of bridge classes or even entire MS programs directed at people looking specifically for a non-research pre-professional degree.