"Math Geek" = "Orbifold"

I’ve changed my user name from Math Geek to Orbifold. This will be announced in my signature for a while, but I thought I’d post this as a courtesy to those people who don’t view signatures by default.

Infrequently Asked Questions:

Q: What the heck is an orbifold?

A: A topological space similar to a manifold, but in which certain well-defined types of singularities are permitted. Orbifolds are a generalization of manifolds, and are similar to but not the same as cone manifolds.

(I’m still going to be a Math Geek, I’m just not advertising it as much.)

Yup, you’re still a math geek (lower case, now). I like the new handle, though.

Er… did you mean for your sig to read “Formerly known as”?

Tenebras: Yep. :smack: Thanks for pointing that out…

So the question is, which one of us has the more obscure handle now?

Ultrafilter: I’m afraid Orbifold wins. I’ve never even heard of an orbifold (until now anyway), but ultrafilters are fairly standard objects.

Although I imagine someone with more background in applied maths / physics than I do at the moment might tell you differently, as orbifolds seem to have an application to string theory.

A geek by any other name would obtain a formula for the number of conjugacy classes of d-tuples of mutually commuting elements.