Matrix censorship Q

This is NOT a question on interpretation etc of the Matrix, it’s a factual question about the actual film:


Can someone describe this scene? I don’t really remember it, so perhaps it was cut from the version I saw (blasphemy? idolatry?)

Bizarrely, none of the sex/dance stuff was cut, making those dancers’ breasts perhaps the first ever nipples to grace a Dubai cinema screen.

So I am wondering if:

(a) they cut out the wrong scene, or

(b) MovieSpoiler has somewhat overstated the gifts/protection scene, and it was actually quite quick and not memorable.


Neo and Trinity step off the elevator in Zion to a vast area which reminds me of Calcutta (keeping in mind that I have no idea what Calcutta looks like). Many people who remind me of peasants are there, and it’s clear they’ve been waiting for Neo. They’re holding stuff that could be offerings I guess, but they don’t show anyone actually giving him anything that I can remember. I only recall two of them speaking, and the dialogue goes: “Neo, I have a son on the Gnosis. Please watch over him.” “I’ll try.” “I have a daughter on the Icarus. Please watch over her.” Trinity goes to leave, and Neo says, “Wait.” “They need you.” “I need you.” “I know. There’s time.” She leaves and the scene ends, with Neo surrounded by about 500 people.

It was definitely indicative of a Messiah scene. So, if it was cut, I could believe blasphemy.

To add a bit to what Achernar said, the scene pretty much showed that Neo was a very big religious figure in Zion. The crowd on people is made up of all sorts of people (Buddhist monks, all races, etc.). They all have offering to give him. This is shown again when he wakes up in the middle of the night in Zion. He walks out the door and there are all kinds of offerings that people have left at his doorstep. This is when Counsellor Haman walks up.

It’s also a pretty big plot point that Neo is not in the least bit pleased about his “worshipers”. From the kid who approaches him when they get off of their ship, to the hoardes waiting for him on the level of Zion where his quarters are located. We learn that Neo isn’t to into the whole “messiah” thing. As a matter of fact he really doesn’t seem to care for anyone in Zion. He hates the crowds, the worshipers, he is annoyed by the conversation he has with the council leader, he ditches the rave. . .

All of this becomes important by the end. He is the first “one” to not give a fuck about anyone except the one person he loves. Kind of selfish and petty if you ask me. He has to choose: one life lost or all of humanity lost and he chooses one life cause she is a good lay. Well, I suppose it is a little deeper than that, but I still think it is a shitty choice. One gets the sense that he would rather be faceless and nameless as opposed to playing the role of exalted hero. He seems like he doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but his closest circle. He has become jaded we see early in the flick, and by the end he is also disillusioned. As if he has been given a no-win situation (which may very well be true) and he has lost hope.

Interestingly, there are some great essays about the likelihood of us actually living in a simulation. There has been alot of thought put into how one should behave if they are in fact in a simulation. One popular answer is “selfishly”. If it all is a game, then we should go for excitement and personal gratification since it is all inconsequential anyway. Neo’s behaivior and choices are kind of despicable unless Zion is really a nested Matrix in which case who gives a fuck. Go for the good poontang.

DaLovin’ Dj

DaLovin’ Dj

Dubai isn’t the only place that censors “blasphemy”. My local (New York) Fox station made a strange cut to the original “The Matrix” when it was shown here recently on television.

It happened in the scene early in the movie when Neo sells the computer disk to the guy waiting in the hall outside his apartment. The guy tells him: “You are my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ.”

They cut out “my own personal Jesus Christ”, wtf? :confused:

A link to one of those essays I was talking about:

A fun read. Neo is a flawed hero for sure if Zion and its inhabitants exist as advertised. He is just a whiney selfish brat (type casting?) unless the “real world” is part of the Matrix. In that case he has em all beat . . .

Did it strike anyone as odd that most of the people in Zion seemed to be of color? I assumed it was a poke at Logan’s Run which was also set in the future and featured zero actors of color. However, Zion really should be very pale. Even if the majority of the people were decended from people of color they would have been raised either in a tube or completely under ground for many generations.

I’m not a geneticist, but I wouldn’t think that being born in a tube or living underground would cause humans to become paler, even over generations. There’s no more likelihood that paler people will survive than darker people (to pass on “paler skin” genes) and there’s no evolutionary advantage to having pale skin so it’s not being selected for.

Well, if you’re talking about drastic changes like that, a couple generations probably isn’t going to do the trick. For natural selection to make everyone have lighter skin, there has to be some kind of advantage to having white skin for there to be a quick evolution toward that state. While darker skin may not be advantageous anymore, it isn’t disadvantageous, either, so there’s little impetus for it to get kicked out of the gene pool.

Of course, we don’t know the circumstances present at the birth of the Matrix. It’s quite possible that the largest surviving segment of the human population was in tropical latitudes.

The novelization (take it for what you will) of Terminator 2 indicated that caucasians were vastly in the minority in the future, because when Skynet started the war, most of the missiles were aimed at caucasians (Europe and North America). There could be some similar circumstance in the Matrix’s war against the machines.

In fact, maybe Skynet created the Matrix, the Matrix films occur long after the Final War, and Skynet was the big winner. Hmm.

As others have said, while the Caucasians and lighter-skinned folks would not have deep tans (heck, look at Neo and Trinity), those born with dark skin (Morpheus, Tank, Dozer, Link, etc.) would remain dark–though they wouldn’t be as dark as they would if they worked out in the hot sun all day.

Moving underground wouldn’t cause them to lose pigmentation. That would only happen if (a) they received any sort of light/vitamin D benefit, which they don’t–presumably, all the vitamin D they need comes from that microbial snot they eat, and their artificial lights don’t stimulate their bodies to produce any (b) there was virtually NO light underground, and visual cues became irrelevant (I presume you’re thinking of colorless cave fish, etc.).

Scupper’s right. Morpheus comments in the first movie that it’s closer to 2199 than to 1999. However, stuff we learn in Reloaded about the multiple Ones says he may be wrong. Races as we know them have only been around for about 100,000 years, but it would take some time for them to vanish. I suppose other things would factor in, like 1) how many of the people in Zion were born there, and 2) how the machines produce people.
Either way, I do remember noticing a lot of people of color in Zion, and I thought it was cool, just because it’s atypical. Let’s not forget that most of the people in the world are not white.

I remember reading on another Cafe Society thread that the color factor may have something to do with the idea that if the machines are going to revolt and enslave a people, the white/Western world would be the easiest to do since the Western world is more or less tied to computers anyway. The third world, however, isn’t as machine-crazy so maybe they would be less dependent and easier to free.

I can’t remember the exact wording, sorry. I think it’s buried in that mondo Matrix thread.

I’m with Marley23 on the fact that “most of the people in the world are not white.” One other thing, though: I’m not a geneticist either, but it is true that dark skin and dark features are dominant genes. If we take these two things into consideration, it makes sense that most people will be dark-skinned in the future. Contrast this to things like Star Trek.

I’m not a geneticist either, but as I understand it, a gene’s being dominant does not mean that it will increase in expression over time.

istara, I’m curious what other kinds of things are censored in Dubai. Any famous examples?

Skin color is a polygenic trait (I believe the word is polygenic), which means that several genes control its expression. In other words, there are a number of genes which contribute to the darkness of an individual’s skin. Skin color varies over a continuum and can be quite variable even within families.

One theory on why there are light-skinned people is that they lived in places that got relatively little sun and the loss of pigment allowed them to exploit more UV light to get vitamin D (a vitamin important to producing healthy children, among other things).

Another theory is that heavy pigmentation reduces the risk of cancer from UV radiation. The problem is that cancer doesn’t kill you very young generally so you can usually produce children before you die. Because of this you’re reproductive success isn’t affected as much as with vitamin D deficiency.

Niether of these evolutionary pressures seem to be operating in the Matrix.

I’m almost a geneticist (one more year!), and Achernar is right.

Also, just FYI, dark skin is not appended by a single gene; it depends on the interaction of several genes, which is why there is such a range from lightness to darkness in humans. (Think of height–same principle.)

By the way, who cares if most of the people in Zion were darker-skinned? No one ever notices when an entire movie’s cast is white; why should we point out the opposite? Besides, Neo and Trinity’s whiteness is enough to blind us all. :cool:

ahh! bastard, you beat me to it! :wink:

Because it’s a reversal of the status quo. You do occasionally notice when a cast is unusually light-skinned. Need I say more than “Friends?”