Matrix's tank to be replaced by a new actor?

I’m looking forward to Matrix 2 and 3 moreso than virtually anything else. However, as I’ve known for some time, the actor who portrayed Tank in the original couldn’t come to a contract agreement with WB, thus he won’t be in the sequels. But I’ve just read at some fansite that his character will be replaced by another actor. I hate it when movies do this! So I have 2 questions. Has this actor switcheroo been confirmed, and two, what is your opinion when movies do this?

I was actually hoping they’d write out the character, in death perhaps? I don’t care, I just despise this act significantly.

It bothers me at times, especially when the replacement isn’t nearly as good as the orginial. For example, Ewan McGregor was no where near as good as Alec Guiness as Obi Wan Kenobi.


</lust-induced rage>

That man played a rapist on L&O SVU. When I saw him, I was like, “This must be before before he realizes he’s in the Matrix.”

I really hope they don’t do this. The guy who played Tank firmly overacted but in a very likable way. Anyone else would seem very foreign in the role.

Tank is played by Marcus Chong (who is the brother of Rae Dawn Chong) and it doesn’t look like he’s done anything sincec 2001, at least not according to IMDb. What’s the deal with him?

Does anyone know whether Marcus Chong is playing the same character, or is simply assuming a similar role, which hopefully they’ll explain?

Opps, damnit. I didn’t mean, Marcus Chong. Infact, discard my last message altogether. I misread the post above my last one, thus making my subsequent post a moot point.

Screw Neo. That man is “The One”.

I thought I posted this earlier, but it must have gotten eaten.

Tank does not appear in either sequel. The actor went a little weird and decided they couldn’t make the movie without him, so he raised his pay request to a way-too-high level.

Anyway, they didn’t sign him and that was that…

Then he started showing up on the set uninvited and unannounced and was leaving odd messages on the directors’ machines. They ended up taking out a restraining order on him and he was not allowed near the set.

Tank was never in the matrix, because he was born (not grown), in Zion.

I know way too much about that movie.

I agree that his dude did overact way too much, but it works very well anyhow…probably because the three main characters (Reeves, Moss, and Fishburne) were very low-key and intense, so I guess you needed at least one guy who shouted too much and bugged his eyes out.

This is soooooooooooooooooooo funny. If I were watching the movie it would seem like another Matrix glitch.

Neo, “Tank you look different.”
Tank shrugs.
Morphius, “OMG! We are still in the Matrix afterall. Tank has changed, that can only happen if we are computer simulations. NOOOooooooooooooooo…”