Matthew Lesko's Millions

I’m curious if Matthew Lesko, the buffoonish, loud-mouthed character on late-night TV peddling his “Free Government Money” books is actually selling something worthwhile. Or is it one of those situations where IF you contact the right department, IF you fill out reams of paperwork, IF you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s, then MAYBE you MIGHT get some $$ in a few years.

Does anybody actually score some government pork this way, or is it all just an elaborate scam?

If you could get rich in the way he says, why would you need to be on late-night infomercials offering the secret at $49.95 a pop?

He’s not advertising a “get-rich” quick scheme of any kind. The programs he talks about are grants in the 4-5 figure range. “$15,000 to write a book! $10,000 to open up a coffee shop!” etc. I just want to know if it’s actually possible to get the grants, or if Mr. Lesko is taking us all for a ride.