Mauviel Copper Cookware, or should I look at some other lines?

Mr. bot has asked what I want for Christmas. I told him he couldn’t go wrong with a ginormous gift card from my favorite local store, The Kitchen Company.

For years, I have admired the Mauviel pieces they have on display, I love the weight and heft of them. I’m seriously considering adding a few pieces to my collection. Before I invest in them, I would like some opinions from other chefy-type posters on the dope. Is Mauviel truly the bees knees? or an overpriced import? Any and all recommendations will be appreciated.

It’s all a bit out of my price range right now, but I’ve always wanted a pan or two by Falk. They’re another maker of heavy, high quality copper cookware but they use a brushed copper finish instead of polished. It’s not quite as pretty but it won’t require a ton of polishing to keep it pretty either. My heart would break every time I put a scratch on the mirror finished stuff.

Wow, Terraplane! I went to the link you provided, and the 3.5 quart saucepot is $250.00 less than the Mauviel counterpart. Thank you so much, and the brushed finish is a bonus. Definately worth consideration.

Be sure and note that the prices for the Falk stuff are without a lid. If you want the lid you have to hit that little checkmark thingy. For the pot you mentioned it’s an extra $85. You don’t need the copper lid though unless you really want it to look pretty, a generic stainless lid picked up anywhere would work just as well.

The Mauviel pots are sans lids as well. Spendy little suckers, aren’t they? But if I can pass these pots/pans on to my children and grandchildren, I would consider it money well spent.