Who makes good midrange pots and pans

We’re working our wedding registry. I’ve got a couple All-Clad things like a nice big saute pan and a saucier. But we’re also looking to replace our Walmart special set of basic stainless steel pots and pans. We don’t really need All-Clad just to make Mac and Cheese, so who makes good quality that won’t break the bank?

I got given an Bialetti ‘granite’ skillet for my birthday, and was so impressed I replaced all the pans in my entire kitchen with the same brand. Not super-expensive but very solid and well made, and all of them fully oven-safe including glass lids etc.

Thanks, but I’m not looking for non-stick.

We have some Cuisinart Chef’s Classics stuff that’s decent, and very inexpensive. Their next line up, “Multiclad Pro” are about 50% more per piece, but from what I hear are very nice.

I second Cuisinart. Actually, I like Cuisinart better than my All-clad. I like the edges on cuisinart better, you can pour liquids out without it dribbling down the sides of the pot. With the sharp All-clad edges, dribbling is pretty bad and infuriating.

This thread prompted me to look up Revere Ware, since those are the pots and pans I remember my parents using. Alas, it appears from the comments I found that Revere, like Pyrex, ain’t what it used to be.

I’ll third Cuisinart. Love my Chef’s Classic.

This is similar to my set, except I have a strainer pot that fits into the big pot, and I don’t have the large omelette pan.

They’re not exactly cheap, but they’ll last a lifetime. They’re much, much better than the cookware set I got from Target when I was living in L.A. (That set went to the YWCA women’s shelter in town recently. Serviceable, not abused, and better than many pans.) Anyway, the Calphalon set it nice; and it never hurts to ask for things if you’re working on a wedding registry.

And I do make mac’n’cheese with them. Mrs. L.A. has commented more than once that she’s surprised at how easy they are to clean. (I’m the cook in the family. :wink: )

In addition to a pair of Calphalon Contemporary non-stick frying pans and a Calphalon Contemporary Everyday Pan, I have a pretty heavy KitchenAid non-stick 8" frying pan I bought at Target when I lived in L.A. I’ve had it for about a decade and a half, and it’s still excellent. (Yes, I saw that you’re not looking for non-stick.)

Again, I know that four hectobucks is not ‘cheap’. But even though I use the pots for mac’n’cheese, I don’t always cook mac’n’cheese. When I cook other things, I like having ‘too much’ of a pan.

Since somebody else will be buying them, go with Cuisinart. If you were going to be paying for them yourself, I would suggest going to a restaurant supply store. I see my pots and pans in every kitchen on TV.

I’d go with Tramontina at Walmart. Multiple online reviewers (including America’s Test Kitchen) rate them comparable to All Clad at a third the price.

Cuisinart on Woot right now.


I have an older set of Cuisinart stainless that serves well for general purposes. They have a very thick bottom which distributes the heat well. My only quarrel with mine is that they are not clad all the way up the sides, so frying tends to cause problems with cooked on grease. I’ve gotten rid of that problem by buying two Le Crueset stainless clad pans in a killer after-Christmas sale at the local factory outlet at 40% off. But I still use the pots for everyday use.

And your pots and pans are…?

Most of mine are Farberware, which seems decent quality. My mother has used Faberware pots and pans for decades.

Not sure where they fall on the price spectrum but I’ve been really happy with my Kitchen Aid pans I bought at Kohl’s. They are super efficient at transferring heat and once they are warmed up they require very little flame to keep things sizzling.

Your basic Vollrath aluminum pots and pans. Cheap, efficient and meant to take a beating.

Indestructible. I have a giant Vollrath nonstick frying pan that I use for Christmas paella for a small crowd. Even heat, thick ply, insulated handle.

Yup, came here to say Vollwrath. Webrestuarantstore in general is great for kitchen supplies. All my sheet pans, knives, baking racks are from there. Also all my storage containers, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32oz deli containers, Stack neatly all with the same lid, cheap enough to be disposable.

Since the OP is asking because he/she wants to put the cookware on the wedding registry, I think it matters where they’re registered. Which brands of cookware do they sell?

We’re registered on Amazon, because they have everything (and you can actually add items from other website to their registry). I think we’re going to go with Cuisinart. Thanks everyone.