Max Headroom

Information I could find on the 'net is sketchy, but there was some allusion to an attempt by Matt Frewer to bring this character back in a new project - which would be too cool for words, but I’m wondering if anyone knows what happened to that?

I for one would be satisfied with a DVD release of both the ABC series and the HBO talk show, or at least the ABC series.

The frightening thing about Max Headroom is not that it accurately predicted the future of television, it’s that television has left MH’s predictions in its dust.

The main TV-related thing MH predicted: station logos in the corner of the screen.

Don’t you mean M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Max Head-Head-Head-Headroo-Head-d-d-d-d-droom ?

On a semi-related note, Matt Frewer once said: “So people were trying to pronounce my name, and I said ‘It’s like Brewer with an F’ so they started calling me Brewerf…”

They also predicted reality TV IIRC, only the things MH suggested as beyond the pale of what TV would ever do are, today, pretty routine.

I have nearly all of the episodes on VHS somewhere. (I taped them when they were shown.) I think the onlyone I’m missing is the one with the video headstones. I still say, ‘Isn’t it wunnerful?’ from time to time. :wink: I also frequently quote Blank Reg: ‘A non-volatile, random-access storage medium! A book!

Amanda Pays was a hottie; but my opinion of her dropped a bit when she said in a contemporary interview, ‘People hate me because I’m beautiful.’ :rolleyes: