Max Headroom DVD's on the way?

This just in from TV Shows on DVD: Shout! Factory & Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc. are planning to bring Max Headroom to “the home entertainment marketplace.”

I’ll be staying tuned!

And the Norm show too, which I find the more interesting half of that press release. I loved Norm.

I haven’t seen Norm. But I’ll become a fan to help enrich the people who bring Max back!

It’s about blipvert ti-ti-ti-tim-time!

And io9 had the news last week!

ETA: Looks like next August…

I wouldn’t mind seeing the HBO talk show & Christmas special either. I got HBO just as it was running down.

And I loved the ABC series!


Max Headroom has been on my “want” list for years


‘Isn’t it wunnerful?’

I hate to thread jack, but I went a viewed the first episode online, and wanted to ask fans here on the SDMB – “Why not re-make it?” Probably we can get Matt Fewer again. But it would be great if we could get the whole cast back*, and revisit this dark dystopian sci-fi again. I think we’re finally ready for it, given that lately, sci-fi TV shows have permitted themselves to be dark again.

*Yes I know Charles Rocket is not available. God, he was classically sleazy in that premiere episode, gradually developing the trademark tick during that episode as the whole BlipVerts theme came crashing down around him.

I will definitely buy this in a heartbeat, particularly since it includes the original British version, which I preferred to the American version. I still have a Max Headroom poster kicking around somewhere in my attic…:cool:

The Max Headroom: The Complete Series DVD set came up as a suggestion when I was looking for something else. It will be released 10 August, and I’ve pre-ordered. :slight_smile:

If I ever come across the VHS tapes of it that I recorded when the show was on, I can toss them. And I can delete the icons on my desktop that would let me download it. :wink:

Great news! I loved the show–short-lived though it was. I remember Max appearing on Late Night with David Letterman at least once–that would make a cool extra on the DVD.

No, you know what would be a cool extra on the DVD? That weird pirate signal from (I think) Chicago with the guy wearing the Max Headroom mask and humming the theme from Clutch Cargo while spanking that guy with a flyswatter.


The parody from MathNet would be cool, too.

[flails with happiness]

When I saw this announcement I went to the Shout! store and ordered it so I’d also get the limited-edition 8" x 10" glossy cast shot.

Pre-ordered! Can’t wait! :smiley:

Me too. Between this and Ellery Queen, my want list has just gotten a little shorter.

I’d forgotten how much in love I was with Amanda Pays back in the day. Wow.

Exactly what I was thinking. I was 11 when that happened, living near Chicago, and I remember people talking about it. You’re right, the whole thing is really creepy. I finally saw the video not that long ago, and the combination of lousy video and audio quality, and the seemingly irrational behavior of the guy, makes it seem like you’re watching someone’s bad dream.