Where2find Max Headroom ASAP

I missed a Film Studies class that showed Max Headroom (the tv show, not the movie that pre-empted it) but need to track down some episodes before my exam thursday. Can anyone suggest a legal & practical way to get even one episode of the show asap? I would pay to have it couriered if I knew I coud get it quick…


Gold Monkey

Captain Video

These guys may have it…

I’ve dealt with Gold Monkey before, I don’t know about Capt. Video’s service.

I don’t know about the legalities. Most of the shows seem like they were videotaped off broadcast TV when originally aired and they are just copies of those copies. I got Wizards and Warriors on DVD from Gold Monkey and it’s fuzzy like someone was playing with the rabbit ears during the show and it’s got the station id in the corner. But, it’s better than not having it.

Also, I forgot to mention. The Max Headroom movie was really just the pilot episode of the show. You used to be able to rent that at Blockbuster.