Max Payne and Norse Mythology

I just finished playing Max Payne today and liked how small things related to Norse Mythology. I also happen to have Cassell’s Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend, and have found the following references:

Vallhalla (spelled out, obviously)
Valkyr (also spelled out)
Alfred Woden - Woden is another name for Odin, the Norse God of wisdom (He gave his eye for the gift of language)
Aesir Corp - Aesir is the general name for the Norse pantheon (fits well with the slogan “A Bit Closer to Heaven”, eh?)

Also, possibly:
Vladmir - Valdimir of Denmark who “[accompanied] the doomed heroes Gunnar and Hogni Gjukason on their mission to the court of King Half…” (Vladmir accompanies doomed hero Max to the court of Don Punchinello)

I’m sure there are a few more references I’m not getting in here.

How unoriginal.

Shakespeare was unoriginal too. What’s your point?

Reread my user name.

Well color me whooshed.

That’s coincidental. I was just playing that two minutes ago. If you want to have a much better time with the game than the makers intended find the Kung Fu 3.0 mod. It’s what Enter the Matrix should have been.

I noticed the Norse references too, but didn’t catch ‘Woden’. Cool.

You break into Yegdrasill network to find out about V.

You’ll notice that Alfred Woden only has one eye.

… and “Alfred” is someone who receives counsel from the elves. So this fits in the general Woden/wisdom theme.