May I start a chat thread in MPSIMS?

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I agree with codinghorror that some number of threads devolve into chat because people just want to chat. And Discourse makes it easy since you can see if someone is responding in real time.

I’m hoping to start a chat thread for people who don’t like small talk and don’t want to talk about their personal lives (so not like the MMP), just about random stuff. As I was drafting the OP, I thought I would ask if that’s allowed since I’ve seen a number of threads in MPSIMS closed because they’re too pointless.

This thread would be specifically for chat and the thread topics could shift as the thread moves along or people can split out topics if they want.

Would a chat thread be allowed in MPSIMS?

Sure. Go for it.


Would this be a thread for French cats, or about French cats?

Yes. Both.

Just remember: According to Board rulez, all French cat chat, by, about, or for French chats, must be in Englysh.

This would be a good topic for chat. Vive la France.

Hoe dos a chat thread differ from other threads?