May (the horror movie, not the month)

I’m not sure if anyone’s done a thread about this, because it’s almost impossible to search for such a common word.

I just saw the movie **May ** and really thought it was pretty cool. It’s one of those films I had never heard of and was pleasantly surprised. While it wasn’t too fast paced or loaded with tons of gore, I found it to be quirky, sometimes funny, and filled with good performances.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s an independent film that is in the same vein as Carrie, except with humor, better acting, and it’s definitely cooler. In fact the girl who plays May, Angela Bettis, went on to star in the TV remake of Carrie.

Anybody else see this flick? What’s your opinion? What do you feel happens at the end (use spoilers please)?

I saw it, I liked it. I found plenty of little parts to be darkly hilarious (yet I realize many people wouldn’t find it funny at all, or only marginally so).

As for what happens at the end? I guess you mean:

when the “doll” she made touches her face? I assumed it was just a representation that May had either died or slipped into some dream-coma state, where she could finally have what she wanted and be happy.

That was my interpretation as well, troub.

I really liked this movie. It just had this wonderful, permiating state of creepiness that, even in the calm bits, made you feel uneasy. And when things got creepy, they just got creepier and creepier. Most movies that rely on that sense start you off feeling buggy, then have moments where you’re allowed to relax, but not May. That’s what I loved most about it. And the story itself was rather interesting and fun. She was just such an odd character.

As much as I enjoyed it, though, I have to admit…it was a rather odd first date.

You took a date to this movie?
A couple of other things:

[spoiler] I read that the director, Lucky McKee, says on the DVD commentary that she was, in fact, dead at the end. He retracts that on a website stating they were just sitting around drinking beer while making the commentary, and weren’t being serious. The ending is intentionally ambiguous.

Best lines:

Guy - Whatcha reading about?
May: Amputation.
Guy - Is that for work?
May: Nope. It’s just for fun.

Polly - You should call me one of these nights. We could hang out and eat some melons or something…

Thought it was pretty good, if a bit messy. But come on, better acting than in Carrie? Sissy Spacek? I don’t THINK so. Bettis’s performance was adequate, but a bit mannered and self-conscious. Sisto impressed me with his ability to give his character solid depth and humanity without saying much at all.

Sissy Spacek was okay, but if you average it out and include the (IMHO) less than stellar performances by John Travolta, Nancy Allen, PJ Soles, and even Piper Laurie, I think May comes out ahead.

I really liked Carrie, but always felt it was a bit shallow and more of a teen drive-in type horror flick. Of course, horror is probably the most subjective film genre there is, so…

I love this film. From the moment I read a synopsis, I knew I would. It just had this wonderful dreamy quality that I love in movies.
As for Angela Bettis’s performance, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. She was this delicate, unsure girl with a lot going on under the surface. Ms. Bettis did so much in her gestures and facial expressions.

IMHO, Carrie is just about Brian DePalma’s masterpiece. Carrie and May are WORLDS apart, with Carrie far in the lead. And I liked May, but it’s definitely a “first film” that exhibits more potential than accomplishment.