Maybe I Need Focus

***This thread is dedicated to Sophie, with all my love.

No one can read it before she does.***

Katcha’s started something new. “No thanks!”. Since he’s not quite two, it sounds like “No santz!”, but it’s the same thing.

“Do you want a blue Pop Tart?”
“No thanks!”

“Come here so I can check your pants.”
“No thanks!”
(Which is kinda dumb. If you think you need to check a child’s pants, you just need to change the diaper. No checking needed.)

“It’s time for bed.”
“No thanks!”

This weekend, the Little Woman and I watched The Princess Diaries. It was pretty much what I thought it was going to be. Just a cute little movie. Anne Hathaway is a cute kid. I think I liked her feral hair better than her slick princess hair.

The video box pointed out the Julie Andrews is an Academy Award® winner. The little type on the bottom admitted it was for Marry Poppins in 1964. But it was for “Best Actress”. At least there was that. Sometimes the video box will say “Hey! Lookie! This guy in this movie won an Academy Award®!” Then it turns out it was for “Best Supporting Actor in 1972” or “Best Use of Nipple Clamps in 1985.” (I know. There’s no such award for “Best Use of Nipple Clamps”, but maybe there should be. And I also know there’s one or two of you who actually know who the best supporting actor was in 1972. Now it’s a game to see who can say it first. Here’s a hint: I have no idea.)

After watching the movie, I think I have to put Hector Elizondo in my list of “Guys who always have good performances”. Right along with Denzel Washington and Harrison Ford.

Herman Munster wrote children books. Not actually Herman Munster of course. It was Fred Gwynne. Back in the 80’s he wrote and illustrated a series of kids’ books. From the Library of Congress Summary: “Humorous text and illustrations introduce a variety of homonyms and figures of speech.” They are pretty clever. And heck, if they’re good enough for Congress, maybe you should look at them too.

I can’t wait for the Special Anniversary Edition DVD of my life to come out. Just for the extra added scenes, and the improved special effects. That would so be cool. The Director’s Cut would be nice too. What with the audio track that says what the hell was going through their head scene by scene. I could only hope it’s the unrated version with more sex and nudity.

I didn’t wear any green for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Joel Grey in Cabaret

Helluva car. Gets good gas mileage.


I though you said a Focus.

Nevertheless, it’s a helluva fine car.


I think your focus is fine, but it looks like your horizontal hold may need some tweaking.

Well, it’s about darned time you showed your face again.

Good morning, Rue! Don’t worry. I read the thread before anyone else did, but I didn’t have time to post until now. I swear, I was the first one here.

I’m just grateful my pants-checking days are behind me. Nothing like sticking your thumb into a kidpie.

And may I say I loathe The Princess Diaries. I have seen it approximately 1,345 times.

I had a big problem with my horizontal hold back in college, Duck. I had to buy all new pants. The last couple of years, I’ve been figting a “holding action”.

Don’t swear Sophie, it’s unladylike.

You actually stuck your thumb down there Ellen? Sheesh, if I can’t get a visual… well, let’s not talk about that. OK? (And your sig gives me ideas. Naughty ideas. I like it.)

I have five kinds of rum right now. Not that I’m drinking five kinds of rum right now. I’m just in possetion of five different varieties of rum.

What a wonderfully polite young man!! Truly a testimonial to parental guidance - pass my congrats to The Little Woman!!

hehehehe - I’m kidding. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Incidentally, I thought the focus was fine, but the sound quality was a bit slurred - how much rum are we talking about?!??!

But, Rue, baby. If you had focus, you wouldn’t be the you we know and love.

Naah, Rue. You look fine to me. . .well, maybe you’re a bit fuzzy.

::Adjusts rabbit ears:: Nope. . .that’s not doing it.

::Sticks tinfoil on the end of the antenna:: Hmmm. . .still no good.

::Whacks Rue upside the head with his palm::

Yeah. That’s better. :wink:

You think your life lacks focus? You should see my life right now. I think it’s just your writing style which lacks focus. But that’s certainly an item I am not allowed to criticise.

I am in an Internet Cafe in Hamburg. There is a cool, jazzy version of Dido’s “Thank You” on the sound system and sehr hip Hamburgers using computers all around me.

has mental image of Zappo twisting Rue 's nipples while peering myopically into his mouth…

Don’t touch any of those controls at the bottom there Zap, no tellin’ what they might do!

Bumbazine, you’re weird, sick, and twisted. I like that in a man!!!


Don’t mind our very own FairyChatMom , she’s just hooped up on Demerol right now…


Zappo , you crack me up.

Now hold on just a gol-derned minute there ol’ Scout, if my ol’ friend, buddy and pal FairyChatMom wants to profess her undying like for me, I’d appreciate it iffn you’d let 'er. I needs all the affection I can get!

Oh and Zappo, you crack me up too.

BTW, Rue, what’s this you’ve go going on with Sophie? Does the Little Woman know? And what about Naomi?
Boy! I go away for a little while and this place turns into a soap opera. Next thing you’ll be bringing in goats and whatnot. harumph!

Bumbazine, as everyone knows, Rue is my Sweet Potato.

Men want to be me and women just want me. That’s my curse Bumb. That, and whoever disturbs my tomb will get a really itchy rash. (It’s the Curse of Ruuuuuue… Bwa hahahaha!)

And if anyone’s going to be twiddling my nipples, I get dinner first. That’s a rule. A Rue Rule. Or something.

Have you noticed how much Joel Grey looks like Ron Rifkin? Not like “separated at birth” or anything, but sorta kinda alike. Creepy.

Well Rue, I assume, since your first paragraph is sorta addressed to me, that you want my views on the whole Joel Grey/Ron Rifkin conundrum. Perhaps Ron Rifkin wants to be Joel Grey. Or more likely, Joel Grey is the illegitimate son of Ron Rifkin and Rob Reiner. I don’t know.

Speaking of people wanting to be other things, I hate to tell you this Rue, but I don’t want to be you. Heck, most of the time I don’t even want to be me. Usually I want to be Sean Connery, although for a while there, as a kid, I wanted to be Dan Duryea. In college I had a roommate who wanted to be Bea Arthur. Come to think of it, nobody has ever seen the two of them in the same room together at the same time. Maybe he got his wish.

The trouble with letting your mind roam free is that sometimes you can’t get it to come back, even by tossing a frisbee. And then of course it wants to play keep-away, and then runs off and gets into other peoples picnic baskets. Woof!
Sophie, forgive my ignorance, after all I have been away, but I didn’t know Rue was your sweet potooty. I’ll try to be more careful in future, assuming the nurses let me near a computer again.

Sexual references deleted by Nurse Diesel.

geez, that Nurse Diesel is a party pooper… Bumbazine, feel free to e-mail your sexual references to me. I affirm that I am at least 18 and legally able to possess sexual references. And anyway, my e-mail has been kinda slow lately, so even if it’s not sexual or even slightly smutty, you can still send it to me. Not that I’m begging or anything. Just kinda thought…
never mind…