Maybe this means something?

We recently moved and shipped all our stuff from the U.S. via the USPS - economy. This means it went by sea. Obviously, we got what we paid for. Not only did their 4-6 week estimated delivery time turn out to be 10-12 weeks, but most of the boxes look like they were tossed overboard, ravaged by hungry sharks, dried out in the sun, then beaten with sledge hammers.

I picked up a bunch of boxes today. I opened the most damaged one. Every single thing in it was completely destroyed, smashed, and torn apart. There were even pieces missing! How does this happen in a box that’s sealed??!!

The sole survivor? In pristine condition…an “Evolve” mug with the little tool-carrying fish.

My wife and I went to Hawaii last year. Because we were staying at the same B&B for two weeks, we decided to ship the bulk of our luggage via USPS. They assured us that 4 weeks was enough time to get there.

4 weeks AFTER WE LEFT Hawaii, our package showed up. Our Hawaiin host was just going to refuse the delivery, but the Post Office refused to take it back because it was in such bad condition. :rolleyes:

He taped it up thoroughly, and we got the package about 2 months later. Fortunately, nothing damaged or missing.

I sent an online complaint to the USPS. Never heard back.

Never again. I’ll spend the few extra bucks and send it UPS or Fedex. At least they’ll be able to tell me where my luggage is.