Mayweather calls out Pacquiao

per ESPN on 2 May.

Do you think that this fight will happen? Is this smoke from Mayweather? Has Mayweather waited for Pacman to get old enough?

If this does happen what is your opinion?

I think that this might happen, Pacman didn’t KO Algieri in that track match and this may give Money hope for an easier victory.

I doubt I’ll pay for it though because Money has a boring (but very effective) fighting style. If Money does talk enough trash to get under Pacmans skin I just might pony up for the fight.

I’ve heard plenty of fans saying that this would be a terrible match, when they are just too old and would never live to expectations.

I say bring it on. I’d love it.

And keeping in mind that the Pacquio camp has been tweeting that it was Mayweather’s side the ones with all the objections, this makes it more likely to happen than ever.

It might happen, now that Pac-Man has been knocked out and Mayweather thinks he has been softened up enough. But I don’t care, and won’t watch. Mayweather has been stalling for too long and has been too jerkish. Even if he wins, I will say that Pacquiao would have beaten him if they had fought before Pac burned himself out.

Mayweather is too obvious. Ali got away with that kind of obnoxious act for years, but he actually fought the best available. Mayweather is one of the few fighters I actively dislike, and I won’t pay money to root for him to get knocked out and humiliated.

But yes, it has always been Mayweather coming up with all the objections, just to feed his own ego and to try to get more money and to show off how big an asshole he can be and still get away with it.


Mayweather needs this fight. If he doesn’t fight Pacquiao he’ll have a virtual asterisk next to his name in the record books. Everyone will recall what a great fighter he was, but not without remembering that he wouldn’t fight the best competition available. And yet he will probably not make the deal. He wants more money than Pacquiao, he’ll want to give him self an advantage in every aspect of the fight. He’s not calling out Manny, when you call someone out you don’t put a lot of conditions on it, you say you’ll fight anywhere, any time.