Mazda: That Inside Car Light...?

My wife has a dead stink bug dead-center in the lens over the inside car light. She’d really, really like it gone!

How do you remove the lens? It is flush with its bezel except for a small suggestion of a thumb hold (or less). I tried a small screwdriver just to feel what’s really there to grab or push in or leverage outward. But, there seems to be nothing more to latch onto. I don’t want to crack the plastic lens or its housing…because that’s my specialty! :smiley: So, how is it supposed to slip out? You car folks know all these little tricks. Please enlighten me! My wife will be ever so grateful!

The owner’s manual usually contains instructions for replacing light bulbs. Have a look at the the Mazda USA site for manuals.

You didn’t specify a model, so I chose the 2009 Mazda 3 (4-door). Sure enough, detailed instructions are provided for every single light bulb starting on page 8-39.

There’s only one exception :

*Overhead light/Map lights (Front)

Due to the complexity and difficulty of
the procedure, the bulbs should be
replaced by an Authorized Mazda Dealer.*


My book didn’t even say that much! Thanks!