MB.TV. As a subscriber, I received an invitation to take their survey today.

I hope they read my responses.

Basically I am happy as a subscriber. I love having access to every game. But the MLB flashbacks, between innings, are very loud and too repetitive.

I am curious as to how many of you MLB fanatics, here on SDMB, are subscribers. Care to share?

I’ve been a subscriber since the inception, and the radio only version before that.

My main complaint is that it still doesn’t play well with Apple TV even after all the years. It will always crash at least once.

Have they fixed the ‘Facebook only’ games? There was a game earlier this season they blacked out on MLB TV, even though it wasn’t in my area.

Thankfully my work IP address isn’t in Chicago, so Cubs aren’t blacked out there

Commercials are too few and too loud. Wish the web archive went back further than current season. Used to be about 18 months. The mobile side has a few dozen classic TV games dating back to the 50s but no current season archive. The website should have at least that much content in their library. Maybe I’m missing something.

I’ve noticed the bizarre repetitiveness of the highlights. It’s weird and irritating.

But not having cable, I need MLB.TV.

When the season started, there were no commercials at all, just dead air between innings. I liked that.

Then in July they started showing the same few highlights, over and over.

Now they’ve stopped doing that, and instead they show the same few commercials over and over. Not sure if the whole thing was a kind of bait-and-switch, or what. Otherwise, I’m happy with MLB TV. Beats the hell out of Slingbox, the “reception” is much better.

I’ve been a subscriber since 2010. It’s wonderful.

But as others have said, there too few commercials repeated too often. They FINALLY just took the Chevy commercial with the people being surprised by the door opening behind them out of the rotation. I started muting during every commercial break during that run. It’s bad enough to see the same commercial during every break (and sometimes twice), but having the commercial be obnoxious, too? Oy.

The other problem that, as far as I can recall, just started this season is that the sound and video get out of synch quickly (only on my PC—this doesn’t seem to happen on mobile devices that I’ve noticed). The sound can get several seconds behind the video, and I have to refresh the browser window every couple of innings to get them back together. I have at least one other friend who has the same issue.

The only other issue I’ve had consistently over the years (and finally gave up on using) was the feature that allows you to have the TV broadcast showing, but overlaying the team’s radio broadcast. When I use it, the audio overlay frequently “crashes” in that it stops working and defaults back to the TV broadcast audio. It’s just not worth constantly having to turn that back on and have it quit again.

On the plus side, the broadcasts themselves don’t seem to crash nearly as often for me this season as they have in prior seasons.

The 7th MLB.TV subscriber here, I guess. Been a subscriber for the past 8 years, mostly Dodgers games. They were more engrossing when Vin Scully was the announcer. With successor Joe Davis the past 2 years, he is adequate but seems at times to be detached and sounds a little bored, giving me the opportunity to listen to other announcers. I have enjoyed the informality of the Rangers’ Dave Raymond, who for example described one less-than-suave series of occurrences as a “wack-a-doodle” play. Thank you MLB.TV for such experiences.

Like RickJay, jaycat, and Asimovian, I’ve noticed the water-slowly-dripping-on-the-forehead repetitiveness (after every half inning) of too few commercials and highlights – noticed for the quarter second needed to mute the sound and stop watching for 2 minutes. (Go ahead MLB.TV and cut off the announcer, who of course should know better, in mid sentence. Then we switch to the other team’s broadcast, because it is not necessarily also showing too much of too little. “Commercial break in progress” can be soothing in its stillness.)

Other annoyances previously mentioned include the sound getting out of sync on the PC and, worse, the same 30 seconds or so of sound repeating over and over. A perennial annoyance with a first-place team is MLB.TV not showing many weekend games live, because they are on Fox or ESPN (or Facebook?).

Has anyone else noticed that mlb.com’s scorekeeping often first lists the replacement players in the wrong spot in the batting order? Why is it so difficult for mlb.com to get the revised lineup right the first time? Is the home plate umpire prohibited from sharing the info?

As for excessive greed, maybe only in LA?, the electrical power went out in Dodger stadium during 2 recent games, July 26 and August 30, delaying each game for about 20 minutes. A nanosecond after each power outage, MLB.TV started running commercials without any explanation of what had happened. Thankfully (grumble), MLB.TV also has radio broadcasts, which did tell us listeners what had happened. And eventually mlb.com did post a notice about each delayed game. Yes, it’s tough at times being a sybarite.

I haven’t had the out-of-sync issue at all - in fact, I consider MLB.TV to be the most reliable application of its type in that regard. That’s odd.

Despite my complaint I do have to say it’s a wonderful thing. I have it on my nVidia Shield and the ability to simply summon up any game I want anywhere - on my TV, my phone, my computer - is just wonderful.

Been a subscriber for many years. I choose the “Cubs games only” option. My issues:

–sound getting out of sync. It seems to have gotten better, but for the first couple of months, it was BAD. The sound would be fully 1 batter behind the video. Then, at random moments, the video would speed up like a 2xff until it caught up. Very weird.

–the commercials. Funny, when I stream a game at work, I get the blank “Commercial break in progress” screen and NO commercials! When I stream from my home PC, I get the commercials.

–spoilered scoring on archived games. So, I click to watch the replay of that day’s game. The little scoring boxes are all blank, as they should be for the “no spoilers” approach. So far, so good. But say I get to the 3rd inning and (unbeknownst to me, b/c I didn’t check before), the Cubs end up scoring 4 runs in the third. As soon as the Cubs score the first run, the MLB scoring box will display “4” runs for that inning. Well, thanks for spoiling that! Happens every time on archived games.