McBain for Mayor!

Now that Arnold’s the Governator, don’t you think that it’s time for his small screen cousin Rainier Wolfcastle ran for mayor? After all mayor Quimby has been called

We know that he failed to stop Burns’s attempt to blot out the sun over Springfield, cheats on his wife, has several illegitimate children, frequently flip flops on important issues, and can be bought/blackmailed. So don’t we need someone like Wolfcastle in charge of Springfield? I’m sure Homer would vote for him.

Well, the key would be to get Marge and Lisa’s support. They did torpedo Burn’s run for Governer, after all. (We’re a Bailey household!)

The great thing about having McBain as Mayor is that whenever he has a press conference about a icty problem he can end it by saying:

“And I know who’s behind all this … MENDOZAAAAA!!!”

Forget McBain, I say we elect Willie.

“If elected mayor, my first act will be to kill the whole lot of ya, and burn the town to cinders!”

I mean really, who can beat that?

[Willie] I know it’s on!!! [/Willie]

But with Quimby, you have so much dirt! You could get anything you wanted with enough info…

The documented visit to the House of Burlesque (“That could be anyone’s sash!”)

The illicit liason (“That could be anyone’s ass!”)

The possibilities are endless!

Only a moron wouldn’t cast his vote for Mon-ty Burns.

But Quimby is no longer illiterate. Surely that counts for something.

Nitpick: The line was “That could be any mayor’s sash.”

Is Reiner still married to Maria, and is she a Quimbly?

I can’t find it at the moment on, but IIRC, it lists her as being a Quimby (I think the mayor’s her brother).

Mayor of NEW Springfield!

"We’ll all be taking GOLDEN showers, now.


I’ll eat my hat if hundreds of Korean children aren’t sweating over this episode’s cells even as we type.

Well, they have their uniformed guards and their bayonets as motivation.

I’d vote for Barney.

No beer tax ever!

Double nitpick! I’m fairly certain it was “That could be any mayor!”

AFAIK, he’s still on the wagon, so I doubt he’d have such a policy.

When he’s not in action, he’s in traction…

Wait, wrong guy.