McCain campaign claims Northern Virginia isn't 'real Virginia'

Thank you so much, Senator. Nancy Pfotenhauer said that southern Virginia, ‘real’ Virginia, was open to McCain, and when offered a chance to say that she was exaggerating or joking or whatever, reiterated the statement.

From a 19-year resident of Northern Virginia, let me just say: fuck you. I’m sick of people claiming that because I’m a liberal, I’m somehow not as patriotic, not as American, that my values aren’t the same as people who live in small towns or in rural areas. Fuck you.

Patriotism, n. (as defined by scoundrels): hating your countrymen, publicly, for political advantage.

I don’t understand why he can’t see that this claim is likely to cost him as much as it gains him; it’ll annoy people who might have skipped Der Tag to cast the vote maximized to hurt him, i.e., Obama.

Obviously, no true Scotsman is alive, and well, and living in the Old Dominion.

Unfortunately, even if Northern Virginia is “really metro D.C.,” its votes are still counted in Virginia. :rolleyes:

As a person who lived in NoVa for 20 years before leaving to live for 19 years in Southwest Virginia on the Tennessee border, I’d have to agree with that claim.

For the majority of northern and eastern Virginians, the state ends at Charlottsville…it’s all a wasteland until you hit the North Carolina border.

In my humble experience, there is a vast difference between the cultures of southern VA. and northern VA. Most of the people I met professionally in NoVa were transplants from elsewhere, whereas most of the people I meet down here have never left the area for any appreciable length of time.

In education, NoVa is light years ahead of the rest for the state (I went to McLean High School) and down here, education is not really deemed that important if Johnny can play ball.:rolleyes:

In the economy, NoVa is a revenue power-house, whereas SWVA is lucky to still have a coal industry.

NoVa can be seen as more democratically-leaning than the rest of the state, but I don’t think that this actually true given the amount of support that Obama has gotten from the coal fields. Richmond, on the other hand, struck me as a mostly conservative city… and a horrible place to live as well.

But since I don’t know you, I can’t comment on your anti-American tendancies.:wink:

Once again, McCain steps on his own dick. His freaking national campaign headquarters are here in Arlington (about as liberal Northern Virginia as you can get).

What a fucking dumbass!

Whats extra funny is that he lives in Arlington and went to school in Alexandria.

I do think that Northern Virginia is a very different creature from Southwestern Virginia which is in turn different from the Tidewater region. Population wise there are a lot of votes and a a huge chunk of money in Northern VA and any campaign would be foolish to ignore that.

The statement that Northern Virginia is “really metro D.C.” is one of the most idiotic things I have read all week. That’s like saying “Northeastern New Jersey is just a Manhattan suburb”. All of the boundaries are nothing more than accepted division lines, and the entire system relies on the belief that the man-made boundaries of states/districts/counties/etc. actually produce real individual entities.

Translating this mindless form across the board, everyone that lives outside of say, Key West, Florida might as well just give their various locations relative to the NESW quadrant. Take myself, for instance; not really “in Hawaii”, just somewhere in Southwest Florida. Yeah, this mode of thinking will really accomplish a lot.

I’ve lived in Atlanta, GA, Newark, NJ, and Miami, Florida for various stretches of time. Believe me, Richmond isn’t anywhere close to being a horrible place to live. And the city proper is a bastion of progressive liberalism, with all its universities and such. But I’ll grant you that the rest of VA (except for NoVA) is pretty scary.

Try growing up in upstate New York. In the eyes of the entire nation, it’s not “the real New York state.”

There was a similar phenomenon when I lived in southern New Mexico. Even in New Mexico magazine, it seemed like 95% of the articles dealt with subjects that were Albuquerque-ish and Santa Fe-ish, while everything else was treated with an attitude of “give it back to Texas/Arizona/Colorado”.

Well how do you explain West New York?

Any political jurisdiction larger than a postage stamp will have distinct regions with different socioeconomic, political, and cultural outlooks. You cannot name any exception.

Senator Pfotenhauer was REALLY saying that liberals are not good Americans, just as the representative from Minnesota was saying a few days before.

Dear God, that’s a frightening thought. She’s not an elected official, she’s working for McCain.

Has anyone told McCain that there’s a New Mexico?

Furthermore, this is the same line of argument that cost George Allen a shot at the Presidency. Calling some town ‘The Real Virginia’ and referring to that kid as ‘macaca’ gave Jim Webb the race and destroyed Allen’s political career pretty effectively.

Really, this whole ‘What’s the real America’ thing drives me bugfuck. It’s like that damn red-blue map from the 2000 election…the one that tried to establish dominance by showing the geography covered by voting preference. Wyoming, with about 520,000 people and almost 98,000 square miles is seen in this argument as being somehow infinitely more important than the District of Columbia with 64 square miles and 588,000 people. Which one is more ‘real’?

Or, in short,

Population of Virginia: 7,600,000
Population of Northern Virginia: 2,400,000

So NoVa accounts for about a third of the population of the state (by 2006 figures. I’d suspect more now.)

College Degree or higher
NoVa: 55.5%
Virginia Overall: 32.7%

In short: Wiki for NoVa

The ‘real’ Virginia can kiss my exiled Virginian ass and be poor and uneducated. Good luck to them.

What’s the (equally pejorative) opposite of “elitist”?


You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

When the Republicans arrange a last-minute Walk the Dog scenario involving a Obama being implicated in a terrorist attack that leaves 489 innocent south Virginians dead, and thus McCain wins, all of you wish be crying. You wll look at me as I use my continua device to wait out the next four years on Rysa, and you will ask me to save you. And I, like Rorschach, wll look down and whisper “No.”