McCain predicts Iraq war won by 2013

John McCain has revised his estimate for Iraq from 100 years to only five more years, apparently. He says that by 2013, the troops should be home, Iraq will be a democracy, the US will have “won the war”, and outbursts of violence will be sporadic. How lovely for them. In the meantime, the U.S. will be bankrupt, gas will be $10/gal, only the rich will be able to afford healthcare, social security will be destitute, and our great grandchildren will have mortgaged their souls to pay for this debacle.

Fuck you, McBush. You sold out to the devil by pandering to everyone who might fulfill your blinding political ambition, and now will say or do anything to get into office, you miserable ancient whore. How does it feel to have Beelzebub’s horny cock stuck up your ass? Who’s pulling your strings, anyway? Do I smell the stench of Karl Rove’s putrescent soul whenever you step up to the podium? Is Dick Cheney stroking your neck and whispering sweet obscenities in your ear in the dark reaches of the night? You fucking con artist. You retched, rotting husk of the man you once were. Snake oil is in your veins, congealing around the the hard stone that was your heart. I piss on you and all that you don’t stand for.


Is McCain trying to lose every state? Does he want to be remembered by trivia questions as the person to lose a presidential election by losing every state and the District of Columbia. Does McCain not realize how many negative ads will result from those incredibly stupid comments?

“I don’t know much about economics…”
“Iraq will be won by 2013.”

John McCain is an idiot.

President Obama will end the Iraq debacle before the end of his first term.

Beaten by one minute.

But I like your title better.

Yep. Near tie goes to the person who lets us know what the hell he’s talking about.

Quite impossible, and Obama and the American people all know it. All Obama can do is get troops out of the country - and that certainly won’t end any conflicts or debacles. It didn’t do so after Vietnam, so it stands to reason that it won’t do so now.

Whether it is the right thing to do or not is certainly a valid topic of debate. Obama has his position, and McCain has his. Hashing this out is what elections are for.

Mission Accomplished, eh?

Been there, seen that. The United States of America only leaves a country we have invaded when we loose.


OTOH, if McCain is predicting the war will be “won” – that is, won by the U.S. – that ain’t gonna happen either.

We don’t have a presence in Mexico do we? I mean, not counting Texas and California.

OP I would have been interested in John-boy pre Bush. But now he’s so old and from a world that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s like watching mom try to be cool and young liker her daughters. It’s kinda cute, but mostly sad.

[old curmudgeon]

It’s LOSE damnit LOSE!

[/old curmudgeon]

This is what makes it so galling. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I thought of Senator McCain as “That American pol on the republican side that’s worthy of trust and respect.”

Was he really just a venal jerk all along? Did he just used to be better at it?


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Hell what I’m about talking relevant ain’t. Oatmeal!

I thought we already won the wars in Iraq back in 1991 and 2003. Is John McCain planning on having another one?

Iraq III: The Final Mission Accomplished

Coming to a theatre near you, summer 2009

Iraq IV: Mission Accomplished Out-takes

Tagline: “We’re gonna need a bigger army”

Very convenient that the date he picks just happens to be after the next president’s first term.
Pure co-winky dink that one.

So he’s promising us that if we elect him in 2008, and then re-elect him in 2012, he’ll have the war won and the troops home by 2013.

Sheesh, this is even better than Nixon’s Secret Plan to end the Vietnam War. All the voters had to do was elect him president, and he’d end the war! (Can’t remember if that was in '68 or '72). However, I sure don’t remember Nixon insisting that we elect him to two terms before he’d enact his secret plan…

Well now, to be fair, the term doesn’t end until noon on 1/20/13 so he could have them home before the end of the first term, technically.

Well, you could define the debacle as the outpouring of American blood and treasure. Then again, if you’re a Bush supporter it’s either not a debacle or the Dems are just as much to blame.

I find this subtly hilarious. Talk about the exception that proves the rule…