McCain says Obama's cash will lead to scandal

Is this McCain’s new line of attack? I may not have gotten the drift, but is McCain now saying that Obama has somehow illegally gained his campaign funds?

At this point, I believe McCain is simply babbling whatever verbal diarrhea that comes bubbling up to the top of his brain.

He’s thinking to himself "Aaaghhhh gonna lose! Throw shit! Throw shit!

Sour grapes.

The Dems have more money than the Pubbies. Takes some getting used to. OK, I’m over it.

This sounds like envy to me. Like Frank said, sour grapes. The more McCain is tried in this campaign, the more he is found wanting, IMO. I don’t know who the “real” John McCain is, but I no longer like this man (setting aside his politics for the moment). I don’t understand his reference to Watergate and don’t have the patience to try to untangle some sense in it.

Yeah, but why bring this up? Its unlikely that Obama has 200 million bucks that he gained illegally. Is McCain trying to say that Al Quaeda is funding him or something?

Seriously, if McCain can’t convince people that his plans for the US are better than Obama’s maybe he should shut the fuck up. This shit throwing from his campaign has eroded what little respect I had for him. He’s a douche.

He’s setting up an face-saving explanation for why he lost. A poorly mismanaged campaign, a stupid VP pick, and an chummy association with a hugely unpopular incumbent have nothing to do with it. “Obama had too much dirty money” is to blame.

He’s already got his face-saving all lined up. When he gets wiped, it’s gonna be “no Republican could have won in 2008, with that economy. I ran a fine campaign and it was a moracle that I got [whatever the fuck % he gets],” 24/7.

And Obama, bless his soul, will agree. “Shucks, I din’t do nothin’, really. The economy handed that one. McCain ran a fine campaign. What’s next?”

Which is fine for John McCain, but he’s essentially calling someone who will likely become President a crook. He’s stirring the pot pointlessly to save face while endangering whatever chance Obama has to fix any messes he needs to as acting President because of sour grapes.

I know I’m a snowboarder and all, so could someone please explain what the hell

means? (bolding mine)

It sounds more like complaining than something that will be a sustained line of attack. It’s of a piece with stuff like “Who is the real Barack Obama?” and “Why won’t Obama talk about his association with Bill Ayers?”

McCain has been a proponent of campaign finance reform for a long time, let’s not forget, so from that standpoint it’s not surprising that he would criticize Obama for opting out of public financing. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about this, actually- it was abandoned a few days after Obama said he wouldn’t accept public funding.

Snowboarder Bo, McCain probably meant precedent, not predicate.

Woudn’t that amount to admitting that the Democrats are better for the economy than the Republicans? Ain’t gonna happen.

Last I heard, the official McCain explanation for why he’s losing is that “life isn’t fair”.

Yeah, that makes more sense (grammatically). :smiley:

I posted this as a query over at the American Dialect Society Mailing LIst. Ben Zimmer, one of the bright lights, suggested the following:

. I like that.

I think Zimmer is right.

Don’t you people understand? 3.1 million people donating money to a political campaign means the end of democracy as we know it! Obama signed a pledge! A pledge!


Sour grapes.

Right after the Republican primary, McCain got his $85mil and the RNC announced (and gloated) that they had over $60mil to throw into helping McCain as well. And didn’t Obama just feel silly now that McCain essentially had $150mil at his disposal and didn’t have to fund raise?

Now Obama as announced that he’s made the same amount in a month, plus the money he had on hand at the end of August plus his October fundraising and now can buy half-hour blocks on network television and run ads in states he has a 20% chance of winning and even place ads in video games just for the hell of it. So naturally, this means that having so much money must mean he’s going to be corrupted by it.

That has always been McCain. He is ambitious and like most repubs wants to win at all cost.

Crap. Now another poster, Chris Waigl, over at ADS posted a turn-of-the-century legal cite for McCain’s seeming Malapropism. It’s an antiquated legal term, evidently. Not that McCain knew this…

Perhaps in McCain’s world, there is no other plausible explanation for all of that money. Perhaps last week, he laid awake deep into the night, and mulled how Obama was ahead in the polls and gaining ground in key states every day. Concerned, he started to list the reasons. At the top was ad buys, followed by field offices with paid staffers in damned near every state. That requires money. Now, McCain understands money. Especially great deals of money. Where was Obama getting his money?

Well, he no doubt thought, besides marrying my wife, where do I get all my money?

Through unethical and illegal ways, like his good friend Charles Keating.

Is there any other way to get money?

Well, Obama certainly didn’t marry anybody for it. And the asshole probably wouldn’t leave his wife for a younger, richer beauty queen.

He must be obtaining it illegally. I have no proof, but fuck, we went to war with an entire nation and we had less proof than this!

And now here we are. Liars do not trust anybody.