John McCain you're a whiney bitch...

Reading the John McCain whining about Obama’s money thread I came upon this gem by Jolly Roger and I really feel that this sentiment needs elaborating on.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with McCain. All he ever does these days is bitch and whine about the goddamned Obama campaign. He has done nothing in this campaign but sully his own fucking name.

But now in the end, when it is clear that Obama has bested him, he comes in with sour grapes and fucking whines about all of that.

Seriously John McCain you USED to be for small donations in political campaigns, but suddenly you got all scared when you realized that Obama would outraise you in the general. You tried to get Obama tied up into the public system. It was a clear attempt to get Obama to subject himself to have his hands tied behind his back. Now all you have left is bitching and moaning.

John McCain you are a worthless piece of shit nowadays. You have let the Karl Rove campaign ruin you twice. First in South Carolina in 2000 and now since the selection of Sarah Palin. You signed up for victory at all costs. But the sad fact is that there is nothing you can do to win. You simply have far too many disadvantages and yet you think that somehow making tacitical moves to control the press narrative will make a fucking difference. You have done NOTHING to fucking offer any kind of alternative view of what you’d do with this country of ours.

Like Jolly Roger said, start talking about what the fuck you plan on doing with the country or shut the fuck up. You’re turning into the fucking Hillary Clinton of the general election. You’re turning into the “If I can’t have it, then I’ll make it not worth having” candidate.

I seriously though, for a minute there, that you’d step back from the brink, and change your campaign for one last final time, into something that would let people know how you plan to the country. This was supposed to happen a week ago. Remember that? Everyone was talking about how McCain was to make a drastic shift to focus on the economy? Yeah, that didn’t really happen all that much.

That’s it. I don’t care if you did spend 5 years as a fucking POW. It doesn’t give you the fucking right to go around and divide our goddamn country to win a fucking election. You are completely despicable and I hope you never regain one iota of respect that you may have earned in the past.

When the going gets tough, people reveal a lot about their character. You obviously sold your soul to the Karl Rove wing of the party. It could not be more clear. I was excited when you won the Republican nomination because for a second there I thought you’d run an honorable campaign. That McCain is long gone. That McCain died when he decided to choose Sarah Palin on the advice of the Rovians, and let them take over his campaign.

Just how much fucking further are you willing to take it? There’s two weeks left and I’m scared to see just how low you’ll go. I don’t doubt that you will go lower.

Just so you know, it’s not going to stop November 4. If Obama wins, you will hear no end to the “Democrats and ACORN stole this election with fraudulent voting” talking point.

Possibly. I suspect that if we do, we’ll also be hearing a lot of responses of “Prove it.”

My, but you’re polite. I won’t have anything to say that can be printed in a family newspaper.

Well, you know Obama has a some sex offenders and tax cheats and folks with Muslim-y sounding names among his small donors. So naturally that means Obama is a sex offender, tax cheat and well, we already know he is a Muslim.

Aaarrrr, I’m **Jolly Roger **and I approve this message.

Seriously, i was very upset when I posted that message, for the reasons you put in Merk. I’m tired of the BS that McCain spews. Ayers? Who gives a shit. Obama already explained his relationship with him. If there was more, don’t you think they would have found out by now? Its not like they haven’t investigated every aspect of his life by now. Hell, they probably know what he had for dinner and wgat his preferred toothpaste is.

Palin calling him a socialist and terrorist is misleading and they fucking know it. Not only that it has inflamed the really crazy people. Others saying the Powell was racially motivated (even though Powell explained his reasons on freaking TV) have only made it worse. I swear that if only one racially motivated attack about this campaign happens anywhere I will blame McCain/Palin…even if Obama wins.

We’re supposed to be adults. We’re supposed to be the greatest Nation on the Planet. We’re supposed to be about being able to express your ideas freely. So McCain should cut it out with the attacks and put his case to the people. there afrre skeletons in his clioset that I have not seen Obama bring out. Who’s being the adult here?

I’ll add one more time…that I;m really freaking mad about McCain even using the claim “Country First”. Selecting Palin obviously made that a hollow slogan. If you kick off John the rest of us won’t be very happy with President Palin. (Her being…well, you know, a dumbass, opportunist way out of her league). Putting country first means making decisions for VPs on their qualifications and it damn sure doesn’t mean “I’ll accuse my opponent of everything and slime him out of votes, even if I know these things are not true!”

Fuck McCain. He hasn’t told me anything but how he’ll sacrifice his soul to get elected.

His behavior is sort of lending itself to that “Republicans have already ceded the election” thing, as if they just ran McCain/Palin as hockey enforcers to kneecap Obama as much as possible. Of course, McCain certainly wouldn’t be anybody’s first choice for that role, but he might be the most believable one (for some, anyway).

And they’ll trot out a few examples and say it’s widespread. It’s the same gameplan they’ve had for years.

John has really changed my opinion of himself over the last 2 weeks. He’s a disappointment to all Americans, of both parties. I’d have liked a campaign based on issues that really mattered instead of John and Sarah’s slurs and innuendos. If I want to hear the slurs and innuendos I can always listen to Rush.

I guess we have to make allowances for the old and cranky.

Including the sort of people who are old even while young. I.e., the McCain-Palin base.

Oh please oh please oh please oh PLEASE let this happen! Not only Obama winning, but Republicans calling for transparancy in voting. Let them call for and let us have a thorough, in-depth investigation into voting fraud and procedures. Let it be the most comprehensive bi-partisan investigation ever undertaken. If McCain wins, we all know it won’t happen. Republicans will stonewall every step of the way, as they have the last two elections. If Obama wins, let the investigation go forward, no holds barred.

IMHO, only the most delusional of the Fundie Righties still believe in the pile of manure that they’ve been thrown over the last decade or so. The more rational and logical of them are still listening to Fox and Rush, but you can only convince someone that their house isn’t on fire for so long. Usually right about the time flames start licking up their legs.

My hope is that that McCain’s campaign alienates even more of them in it’s death throes and shakes a bit more sense into that baby. Only the truly craven will retreat back into the cave muttering the craziest of rumors.

If Obama wins, and they DO go through with it, I would LOVE to see evidence of election fraud near the top. The schauden would be soooooooo sweet.

Russian UN mission gets letter from McCain seeking election cash

MMmmmmmm … Pub Drummies!

(and you thought I was going to say something naughty about a certain VPILF!)

Ok…youre going to habve to talk me thru this like a 6 year old:

How can a POTUS candidate ask a foriegn government for donations?

I can’t believe this article. It cannot be legit. I don’t even think McCain would do that.

Of course he’s a whiney bitch. He’s a conservative Republican. The term of art, however, is “whiny ass titty baby.”

Or, to paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Black,” conservatives are “dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it!”

Could it have been a form letter that was part of a mass mailing?

From article:

If this letter was something that could not be disputed I don’t see how the press or even Obama (though he seems refreshingly reluctant to smear McCain) could not call him on it.

This is a brand new story. It may or may not be legit. Some time is needed for it to be shaken out and stirred around.