John McCain you're a whiney bitch...

Even if so, asking for $5000 when the cap is $2300 still needs some explanation.

The Russina letter is just stupid. If McCain wrote it myself, I’ll marry a goat. I’m sure it’s part of a mass mailing, and the dude somehow got on a mailing list.

I’m not a McCain fan, but I think this is occum’s razor.

How the hell does Vitaly Churkin get on a mailing list for anything in the US?

And why is a campaign mailing, mass or otherwise, soliciting people for donations of $5,000?

And bring pie? One can only hope. Maybe we can then get bipartisan support of investigating elections and standardizing national voting on that nifty product: paper.

AP now has this story up, so it must have checked out:

AP Story

It looks like a few people got the letter:

Probably a mass mailing went wrong:

About the $5000 figure - the letter asked for “up to $5,000” Is there any way to ll egally send donations to a couple of different campaigns that would total $5,000? Donate to the Repubs in general plus donate to McCain’s campaign say?

I certainly hope you meant VPCILF. VPILF can only refer to Cheney. :eek:

Sweet, sexy Cheney. Mmmmmm.
(NSFL, btw)

He’s been whiney ever since he started saying that the negative campaign is due to Obama saying no to shared town hall meetings. For the life of me, I cannot figure that one out. But he says it a lot. And it still makes no sense. It’s so childish–“I didn’t get my way, so I’m going to try to make you miserable.”

:eek: :eek: :eek: Why, oh why, did I click on that…

That is why Obama needs to absolutely crush McCain on Nov. 4th. The nutbags will still scream “fraud”, but everyone will laugh at them, which is exactly what they deserve.

Weren’t you listening?

Damn you, Enfant Terrible! That meme always cracks me up for some reason. I spent the last five minutes chuckling madlyto myself while people thought I was turning into the Joker!

Not safe for … lunch? Yeah, that’s about right. :smiley:

Ew. I just threw up in his mouth a little bit.

Anyone who believes you can steal an election by registering Mickey Mouse to vote should institutionalized.
It’s not like someone is going to show up at the poles with the appropriate ID.:rolleyes:

And anyway, they’d probably vote for Lech Kaczyński.

This is so sad. There was a time when I respected John McCain.

Never again. I am an Obamacon.


I’m writing “Gobama” after every “Nobama” in another website. Apparantly, “Gobama” is intensely annoying to some folks. LOL

I see what you did there.