McCain Supporters -- a question about Palin

Please, folks, don’t turn this into a Palin-bashing thread – this is an honest question!

Sarah Palin spent the weekend here in Philly – actually, she spent four or five days here. Hard to be sure, because she didn’t actually make any public appearances as such – she went jogging by the Schuylkill River one afternoon, and had coffee with three or four other mothers of soldiers currently deployed in Iraq yesterday. Oh, and there was a small gathering of supporters at the Irish Pub on Friday night.

Here’s my question – we’re about five weeks out from the election. Both presidential candidates are campaigning pretty actively, as are their wives. The Democratic VP candidate, Joe Biden, is also making a lot of public appearances before large crowds. All of these people have the press following them pretty closely.

Sarah Palin spent the weekend in Philadelphia, pretty much in seclusion.

What does this say to you as a McCain supporter? Does it have an effect on your support for the Republican nominees?

Again, Dems, pls. don’t light the torches here. I’m genuinely curious to know how supporters of the Republican ticket interpret Palin’s low profile.

I’d like to know that too. Does she have a large base in Philly?

Not really – we’re a heavily Democratic town. Pennsylvania is a battleground state because it’s a combination of two large Democratic strongholds (us and Pittsburgh) with a wide swath of very conservative, mostly rural, folks in between. So if she has supporters in the state, they’re probably not in the city of Philadelphia.

(Walked past a street vendor yesterday in Center City – approx. ten different “Obama” designs on the T-shirts – only one McCain T-shirt.)


I am saying this as a matter of record, not lighting a fire:

Palin has gotten burned pretty badly twice now when doing an interview with Gibson and then Couric. It is increasingly apparent that the McCain campaign is trying to keep her away from the media. This is inflaming the media against her and what little exposure she has had has even turned committed republicans against her (cite).

On the whole I think the McCain campaign now finds themselves in a damned it they do, damned if they don’t situation as regards Palin.

I’m wondering what Joe Biden’s been doing. Understand, I’m not trying to turn this into a tu quoque. It’s just in the day to day reading of the news, I really don’t hear all that much about Biden. Obama so far overshadows him, it’s almost as if Biden is invisible.

If I were a McCain supporter, I’d be wondering about the entire Palin situation. Everything I hear about her is something bad. Her seclusion is really odd and I can’t see how it can help the situation. Yet, as a casual observer of the news, one who isn’t specifically seeking out info on the VP candidates, I’m not really hearing much about either one these days.

My point is that if I were undecided or a McCain supporter, this lack of coverage on Palin wouldn’t really affect my decision because it seems to be equalized on the other side as well. I know that’s not the case. But that’s just my perception on the issue.

Perhaps stuff like this has some effect on our thinking -


Democrats hate her guts. And the MSM resents that they haven’t been given enough opportunities for attack interviews. So?


I’m not sure I understand your point. Palin isn’t popular here – fine, I understand why they wouldn’t parade her around in public.

This leaves unanswered my questions (or at least what I thought were implicit in my questions) – why did she spend five days in Philadelphia [as opposed to someplace where she wouldn’t get booed] making virtually no public appearances [instead of appearing at events where more than five or ten people at a time could see her]?

Biden is definitely out there stumping around. I would wager he wishes he was getting more coverage. But Biden is boring news, Palin is interesting if for all the wrong reasons. His lack of coverage is not because he is evading the media, the media just doesn’t want to cover him.

I don’t understand the point that you’re trying to make here. Would you mind clarifying?

And what’s the MSM?

That isn’t answering the OP.

“What does (her seclusion) say to you as a McCain supporter? Does it have an effect on your support for the Republican nominees?”

“Democrats are mean to her” doesn’t even approach the question.
Or … what Green Bean said (and MSM = Main Stream Media).


I seem to recall Obama being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly who most assuredly is not an Obama fanboi.

McCain, Obama and Biden have done hundreds of interviews. They are politicians and they do a lot of it. Some media is fawning, some middle of the road and some outright hostile. They all get their measure.

Palin is clearly in an extreme deficit here. She is a VPOTUS candidate and could potentially find herself as POTUS. It doesn’t bother you even a little bit that she really isn’t getting vetted by the zillions of interviews every other candidate since forever has gotten by the media? You do not care to have a clue, just your comfortable assumptions, of who she is and how she responds?

Right or left I sure want to know who is heir apparent to the most powerful job in the world. YMMV


While they do not want her in front of the media they can say, “Gov. Palin spent five days in Philadelphia” as a means to pretend she cares about them and their vote. Most people will just assume she was doing something and they just didn’t see it. I live in Chicago and have never seen Obama once. So even if Obama was in Chicago secluded in a hotel room and they said he was here I’d just figure he was out and about doing something or other.

I don’t think so – the coverage on the local news has been “Palin has been here for X days – she was seen briefly this afternoon but no questions were allowed – there is no information on any other activities on her agenda.”

So, insofar as people know she’s here, they also know she’s not making public appearances. As opposed, say, to Joe Biden doing a rally at an orchard/farm stand out in Media (local suburb) last week.

Heck, I could be the VP candidate at that rate…

Would you say that the population of Media is mainstream? :slight_smile:

(thanks for the MSM explanation, Jack)

As a side note, according to CNN, she spent the time in Philadelphia cramming for her final on Thursday.

She’s been campaigning non-stop and is now preparing for the debate this week. What’s your question exactly?

She spent four days, +/-, not campaigning while the other three main figures – all of whom also have upcoming debates – made numerous public appearances.

How do you feel about a VP candidate who is kept away from the media, and kept off the stump, for four days approximately five weeks before the election?

How do you know those people that booed were Democrats?


Yes; they also hate our freedom.