McCain's health/physical condition

This question seeks a factual response - what specific physical limitations does McCain experience due to what causes?
Watching him in last night’s debate, I thought (as I had previously) that he has some unusual physical movements. I have previously heard, for example, that he cannot raise his arms above shoulder level due to his imprisonment/torture in Viet Nam. He seems to move somewhat jerkily, his hands looked somewhat stiff and “rough,” and his facial impressions impress me as somewhat unnatural.
I’m not suggesting any musculoskeletal/neurological limitations he might experience impair his ability to serve as president. Heck, he’s probably in better shape at 72 than I am at 47. I’m just curious if anyone knows of a clear discussion of what physical conditions limit him in what respects.
My understanding is that he has severe arthritis of both shoulders, and milder arthritis in his hands/fingers. And I understand he was injured while a POW, and from ejecting from a plane. And I guess his melanoma surgery was significant enough that it might affect his expressions/facial mobility.

He also smashed up his knee when he crashed, and said that it still bothers him in cold weather. (Cite.)

As a result of the injuries to his arms, he has trouble typing and using a computer mouse (cite).

He has has several melanomas removed - one on his left shoulder, one on his left arm, one on his nose, and one on his temple. (Cite.). The puffiness of his face may be due to having lymph nodes removed in 2000.

The five year survival rate for the most serious kind of melanoma suffered by Sen. McCain is 91%. He was diagnosed in 2000.


Thanks for the info. I especially noticed hishands last night. He seemed to hold his wrist awkwardly when writing (didn’t know he was a lefty either!) And his hands reminded me of arthritic people I have known. Couldn’t tell if his frequent extended left thumb was a mannerism or sign of arthritis.

For me certainly not a deciding factor - just curious, as well as comparing to my increasing daily aches and pains! :stuck_out_tongue:

He also blinks more frequently than anyone I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if that’s casued by a neurological anomaly, high energy level, chronic dry eyes, or other. It got to the point last night that in the splitscreen shots, I was having trouble paying attention to what Obama was saying because the blinkety-blinketys were fascinating.

He’s signaling Palin not to quit her day job.

Well, there you go…when I was a kid I sometimes razzed both of my left-handed parents for “writing like a robot”. Of course, they got me back: even though I’m right-handed, I must have picked up something from them, because I hold my wrist almost the same way McCain does.