Is It Just Me, Or Do You Think McCain Just Doesn't Look Very Healthy?

OK, I am a die-hard Obama supporter, but I certainly don’t wish harm on McCain.

But of late, he just doesn’t look very healthy when they show him speaking on television. He seems to be almost frail sometimes…his voice is weak, he seems to be struggling to find his words and I can’t put my finger on it, but he just seems very tired.

Yes, I know the man is in his 70’s and people slow down a bit but I do not believe in ageism and numbers really don’t matter in many cases. Yet while some people in their 80’s and even 90’s are rugged and spry, McCain seems to be slowing down quickly in the past few months.

I can well imagine it is no easy feat to campaign day and night, and even Hillary looked like someone beat her over the head with a dead carp by the time she threw in the towel - but still…

Is it my imagination or does John McCain seem to be looking unhealthy of late?

I haven’t noticed. Is there a particular YouTube link or even a represenative sampling of some of his recent public speaking engagements that you could point to that you feel evidence this?

Being fair of skin and soft of voice probably makes any signs of aging more obvious. But then, this guy, of similar vintage when he lead his country, looked a little peaked too.

I think McCain’s going to lose not just because of his policies, but because he’s competing against an Adonis. Even if Obama were 72, he’d still be at a disadvantage looks-wise. He just looks odd.

When Obama and McCain are standing side-by-side at the debates, it’s going to be hard not thinking he’s old OLD OLD!!! I hate feeling this way because I like people who’ve got some years on them. But it’s true.

With those ears? Jesus, how will it look if a strong wind comes by during the inauguration and he flies away like Dumbo, or more likely, is beaten to death with his own ears?


Oh, for th OP: Yeah, McCain looks frail sometimes.

I think McCain looks noticeably more pale and pasty now than he did less than a year ago. When he was hesitating before answering (or avoiding answering) the question about paying for Viagra and birth control, and especially while showing his teeth, he looked pretty high mileage.

It’s a sad fact that people most usually get less productive and able as they age, and most people don’t try to work in their 70’s. Vanishlingly few people try to take on a new, difficult, complicated, high paced job with long hours at that age. Note that nobody has ever done anything useful at all, at twice that age.

McCain looked way better, when he was younger, than Obama ever will. The guy may be young and in good shape but he’s far from an Adonis - I always thought he looked like a dork.

It should probably be noted that the man was tortured on a daily basis for about six years, losing a good amount of mobility and whatnot for the rest of his life.

I’d say for that his age, weight, having held a desk job for the last several decades, and the lasting effect of having his body broken, he’s doing pretty admirable for having had to be on his feet and running about campaigning for a year straight. Though of course I guess there’s the possibility that he’ll keel over dead at any moment given all of that.

McCain’s VP nominee might be a big factor to consider when voting for him.

I think he looks Presidential.

True. If they dug up the first 40 presidents and reanimated them, he’d fit right in.
“Now put your hand on this Bible and take the Oath of President.”
“It Burns! It Burns! Where’s Carol-Anne…? Where have you gone to, Sweet Child…?”

“Don’t you think he looks tired?” :wink:

Someone else would be jumping out of airplanes this time around, not him. It’s not like he’s going to be moving furniture for a living. :slight_smile:

Obama = Adonis? Yes, he is a good looking guy but with those ears he could easily catch any kind of breeze. He could be the first person to reach escape velocity into space without a rocket.

Oh, I wouldn’t go that far, but I bet he could glide down from an airplane without a parachute.

Some people look spectacularly good as elderfolk. Unfortunately, the American male shorthaired & shaved look doesn’t work well with gerotological faces. McCain should sprout an ayatollah Khomeini beard. And always show up in public in a loose flowing robe and a formidable-looking staff and speak like he’s Gandalf or something.

But no, as he is, he just looks done for.

I think a mustache would help his appearance.

As silly as it seems, a moustache might actually help. The ability to grow hair does give one an aura of virility. <Groucho Marx>Couldn’t hoit.</gm>

Mccain will be 72 in just over one month. He looks old because he* is * old.

Are you kidding? I have a sudden craving for oatmeal.

He looks sickly to me–his skin does not have a healthy cast to it. Then again, TV is not known for it’s realistic lighting–for all I know, the guy looks better in person.

I’ve never liked McCain’s smile–it seems tense to me and not genuine. Add the pasty skin and the stiffness (which I do make allowances for, but still)–he comes across as old. Didn’t Jon Stewart do a whole thing on the 2 candidates’ physicals? McCain’s was something like 2-3 pages long and Obama’s was one sentence? Aging is indeed hard on your body…